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Used in medical settings for over 20 years, Sterilair is now being used in a wide range of close-contact environments to maintain healthy air quality

From meningitis, diptheria and tuberculosis to influenza and even the common cold, airborne contamination has always been a serious problem in our society. But now as we find ourselves in the midst of a pandemic, we are aware of how easily viruses can be transmitted. And we know that airborne transmission is particularly prevalent where there is a high density or turnover of people, especially indoors.

Sterilair PRO is an innovative biological air treatment system that uses ultraviolet light (UV-C) to sterilise ambient air, killing bacteria and viruses, including coronaviruses such as COVID-19.

Designed and manufactured in Italy by medical equipment specialists TecnoGaz, Sterilair has been used in the medical and dental sectors since its launch 20 years ago. However, since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic its use has crossed over to other industries and is particularly useful where proximity and high levels of footfall are inevitable.

How it works

Sterilair PRO works on the basis of a closed-loop ventilation system. Ambient air is first drawn in via a whisper fan and passed through a carbon filter, blocking the coarsest of pollutants and giving the air an initial purification. The air is then passed over four specially coated Philips UV-C lamps, exposing it to radiation which neutralises bacteria and destroys the DNA of viruses so they cannot reproduce. Sterilised air is then released back into the local environment and the cycle continues.

Numerous studies confirm the effectiveness of 235nm UV-C radiation in combatting airborne infections. No micro organisms are immune to germicidal radiation: spores, bacteria, moulds and yeasts are eradicated, and the DNA of viruses is destroyed.

In fact, coronaviruses are extremely sensitive to UV-C: A single passage through the Sterilair chimney is enough to destroy 99.9% of the virus.


This biological air treatment is extremely simple to install – Sterilair PRO really is just ‘Plug and Play’.

Floor stands are available as an alternative to wall-mounting which means units can easily be moved from one room to another for added flexibility.


Due to its patented covering, the Philips UV lamp does not disperse radiation into the room, meaning it can be used continuously in the presence of people without any risk to health.

This feature also means the device is substantially safer for the environment.


Usually wall-mounted, the Sterilair unit is compact, stylish and almost silent, meaning it can be working in the background of any environment without causing inconvenience or disruption.


A built-in timer allows the unit to be set to start working before you arrive and to switch off after you have left, prolonging lamp life, keeping running costs low and offering even greater energy efficiency.

In fact, apart from changing the filter and the lamps every 9,000 hours, which is usually only once a year, there’s no need for costly or frequent servicing and filter replacements.

Tested, trusted and proven

CE marked and tested, and FDA approved, this premium-quality device is considerably more effective than other technologies that simply filter or purify the air. Sterilair PRO does not clean the air, it sterilises it.

Tackling a pandemic

Installing a Sterilair PRO device is a safe, convenient and very effective tool in protecting your employees, customers and visitors from infection. That is why these units are increasingly being used in non-medical, close-contact environments, such as:

  • Meeting rooms
  • Care homes
  • Offices
  • Waiting areas
  • Hotel rooms
  • Gyms and leisure centres
  • Treatment rooms
  • Restaurants, bars and cafes
  • Shops
  • Hair salons

A return to ‘normality’

IT services providers, BC Technologies, have recently installed the biological air treatment, Sterilair PRO, to enable their team to return to working in the office and to a large extent, to working as they did pre-pandemic. Partner Brendan Wallace said, ‘Using Sterilair PRO has allowed us to feel confident about bringing the team back together and has given us peace of mind that we are doing our utmost to keep our employees safe whilst continuing to keep our business running effectively.’

Specialist suppliers

This biological air treatment device is delivered through a joint venture between air conditioning experts Mid Tech Services Limited and compressed air specialists BCAS Limited. Having worked extensively with a wide range of relevant sectors, including medical, social care, retail and hospitality, both companies have identified a need for an effective air sterilising device and are delighted to add Sterilair PRO to their product range.—-biological-air-treatment

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