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Visionist’s approach to digital transformation has allowed the department to realise the invest to save benefits of replacing their expensive legacy IT infrastructure with a Digitally Transformed IT service

This has enabled the department to migrate from legacy PSN services to cloud-based commodity services, within 6 months, enabling true business transformation opportunities.

But technology is not enough on its own.

At Visionist we know that your Digital Transformation investments must deliver substantial realisable benefits

Our passionate and energised enthusiasts have proven methods with demonstrable experience in delivery of tangible outcomes based transformation, in highly complex public sector environments.

Digital Transformation in action

The Challenge

The Department needed to ensure minimal business disruption whilst ensuring that the disparate legacy systems and local “solutions” that had become the mainstay of Departmental Business would not hamper the desire to create a Digitally TransformedTM organisation. In addition, the Department had key Information Services delivered and hosted on the Public Services Network (PSN) where the Network itself was a secured “Official” environment.

Visionist were able to grasp the scale, scope and complexity of the challenges the Department faced, and deployed its resources, to support the IT Department as they led their community through change at pace, in an organised and prioritised fashion.

The solution

Initially, Visionist designed the road-maps through acceptance, technical debt, inherited backlog and beyond. Thereafter, we embedded high performing agile teams, working in collaboration with Civil-Servants to ensure effective skills and knowledge transfer, helping them transition from using out-dated technologies and methodologies to a future-proofed department, using an aggregation of loosely coupled Cloud Technologies and an agreed Reference Architecture.

Our implementation of a demand management process via a prioritised pipeline, coupled with a strong customer focused Service Management function ensured that IT resources worked on activities that maximised business impact. Our strategy and technical innovation enabled the Department to move its operational, data and digital-streams to cloud-hosted solutions, reducing legacy services and the reliance on disparate data centres and internal infrastructure.

Our ability to choose the right technologies to cut complexity and add agility, enabled the use of core services such as identity management and web security, which could readily be hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, utilising a model that secures the endpoints rather than the bearer network, in order to maintain and comply with security protocols. This strategy enabled the department to migrate at pace to Office 365

The Department’s reliance on PSN applications was recognised and had the potential to be a barrier to the transformation. Our highly skilled technicians and architects innovated to develop a solution which provided PSN access via a standard Internet secured connection (accredited for OFFICIAL). This innovative “Reach-Back” solution enabled the Department to migrate from its legacy services to a new cloud-based service in their required timelines, with the ability to access PSN-hosted applications, whilst maintaining security governance and protocols.

Throughout, Visionist produced transition strategies based on an agreed reference architecture. To further ensure all systems decisions were in-line with Business Need and overseen by a newly instated Technical Design Authority, ensuring architectural consistency and re-use. This enabled our technical architects to make informed system decisions covering all areas of the transformation.

The benefits

Utilising incremental prioritised deliverables, we were able to focus on high-value business needs, enabling the successful delivery of 14000+ end- user-devices, enabling major cultural and behavioural change, significantly reducing outdated technology whilst transforming the data and information solutions available to all staff. In summary, Visionist has enabled the Department to:

> Manage all devices effectively with a high degree of security assurance

> Use modern collaborative ways of working

> Implement a mobile first unified communications strategy

> Utilise a seamless reach-back to PSN Legacy applications

> Improve service performance

> Increase user satisfaction

> Exploit Evergreen technology with iterative improvements

> Enable cultural and behavioural change

> Create a Dev Ops capability to incrementally implement Business Process Improvements

The outcome

We have enabled the Department to move its operational, data and digital streams to cloud-hosted solutions, reducing legacy services and the reliance on disparate data-centres and internal infrastructure/servers.

The re-use and simplification have allowed more agility and speed around delivery as well as the following savings:

> Retired PSN circuits -£440k per annum

> Third-party PSN hosting for PSN Apps – £50k per annum

> FCOS Hosting and Decommissioning – £1M per annum

> Move to Unified Communication and the Augmentation of Contracts £1.25M per annum

> Internal support of solution and removal of SI requirement circa £5m per annum

In conclusion, our Reference Architecture and associated Roadmaps ensured applications and data were migrated with little or no downtime, there-after greatly improving the customer experience, e.g. failed login attempts down by 15-20%.

Furthermore, our expertise has enabled us to architect highly scalable and re-usable solutions which could be used across government to improve user experiences and dramatically reduce costs.


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