Preparing for future increased commuter demand is a key focus of Network Rail’s London North Western (LNW) route’s business plan for railway over the five years

The publication of the Strategic Business Plan (SBP) is a major milestone in the ongoing process to determine Network Rail’s funding requirements for the five years to 2024 (Control Period 6, CP6).

The plan proposes over £5bn of funding for vital operations, maintenance and asset renewal activities in five years to 2024.

Martin Frobisher, London North Western managing director, said: “We connect commuters with jobs, products to market and people with loved ones. London North Western is the Backbone of Britain and includes the West Coast Main Line, Europe’s busiest railway. We are essential to Britain’s future prosperity.

“By improving performance and preparing for increased future demand for rail travel, our 2019-to-2024 plan will help facilitate further economic growth across all the regions we serve. By moving our major cities closer together, notably with HS2 and the Great North Rail Project, we will continue to create new possibilities and new opportunities for the taxpayers and customers who pay our wages.”

Commuter demand for rail travel into Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool and London is forecast to grow significantly over the next 20 to 30 years.

More passengers and freight are forecast to want to use the West Coast main line – all while managing the challenges of HS2 construction. HS2 will add much-needed extra capacity. Without HS2 the West Coast will be unable to cater for forecast growth in customer demand beyond the mid-2020s.


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