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Elixinol, Merges Water-Soluble Technology with THC-Free CBD in a New Range of CBD Blended Tinctures

Elixinol has a heritage in Hemp, with industry expertise spanning decades. During the infancy of the hemp industry, product formulations were plain and delivery methods were simple, with no bells and whistles attached. A lot has changed in terms of hemp over the years. A lot except Elixinol’s dedication to quality and passion for innovation. With a range of premium products now available including tried-and-tested topicals to a complete line of luxury skincare. From trusted tinctures to revolutionary CBD Liposomes. And most notably a unique range of Bioavailability­optimised CBD Blended Capsules which inspired the formulations for the most recent THC-free Water-Soluble CBD Blended Tinctures.

Fat-Soluble vs. Water Soluble: What’s the Difference

Tinctures are known as the traditional method of Cannabidiol (CBD) delivery. A traditional tincture comprises CBD Oil extracted from Hemp combined with what is known as a carrier oil. A carrier oil is required when taking CBD in a traditional tincture because CBD is naturally fat­soluble. This means in order to ensure the greatest efficacy, CBD Oil must be paired with another fat-soluble oil to aid in the process of absorption, improving its bioavailability. Improved bioavailability increases the availability of the active compound, Cannabidiol, to your body by promoting a higher and more effective absorption rate.

Water-soluble tinctures, unlike traditional tinctures that are designed for optimal absorption through carrier oil delivery, can function in the same way using water. This is achieved utilising a process whereby each individual molecule of CBD is first reduced to a particle then encapsulated within a protective lipid. The lipid layer acts as a bubble that shields each molecule of CBD through the delivery process and protects it from the harsh environment of the stomach, where digestive acids normally cause erosion and ultimately reduce the efficacy of the CBD. This process allows each molecule of CBD to be more rapidly absorbed by the body.

“Pairing water-soluble technology with a product that represents the gold-standard of fat-soluble delivery is as big as reinventing the wheel. But the innovation doesn’t stop there.”

Why Choose THC-Free?

When CBD is extracted from the Hemp variety Cannabis Sativa L. rather than Cannabis Sativa, where marijuana is derived, the psychoactive compound still exists in trace amounts. The percentage is negligible with legal limits in the UK falling under 0.01% but, on rare occasions, can be detected on a screening. Elixinol has taken these factors into consideration, when developing the CBD Blended Tinctures, by incorporating an isolated and purified version of Cannabidiol which contains 0% THC.

Combining water-soluble technology with providing 0% THC means that you have a product with a lighter taste than traditional tinctures because it can be diluted by adding it to a glass of water. The concept of simply adding your daily serving of CBD to the water you drink each day makes the CBD Blended Tinctures extremely convenient. The small, tincture bottle is the perfect size for travel and makes for accessible nutrition any time of day. And, because there is no THC going into your system, there is absolutely no need to worry. But these are not the only reasons why the CBD Blended Tinctures make for an essential addition to your everyday routine.

The Benefits of Blended

The term ‘blended’ applies to another set of benefits the CBD Blended Tinctures offer. Elixinol has replicated a few of the unique formulations of their CBD Blended Capsules in water soluble form which include fusions of essential vitamins and botanical ingredients for advanced tailored nutrition. Dreams is a soothing blend for restful nights dedicated to supporting psychological function with Chamomile, Thiamine and Lemon Balm. Serene contains a balanced blend of Biotin and Pantothenic Acid for supporting mental performance. And Turmeric contains Bioperine, Vitamin C and Turmeric to support the healthy formation of collagen, the most abundant protein in the body, with added Black pepper to enhance absorption.

Each impressively versatile water-soluble combination contains 30 easy-to-administer servings containing 15 mg of THC-free CBD. Elixinol has also thoughtfully reconsidered the capacity of the Blended Tincture formulation delivering an increase of 5% CBD per bottle for a stronger, more effective solution. The blends are made from Organic Hemp, are free from added sugars, synthetic colours & fragrances, and are entirely vegan & vegetarian friendly.


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