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In this article, content creator Peter Davidson discusses how mobile apps are making a difference in the election process

Mobile Apps – If you are not living under the rocks, you would have been familiar with these two words. In fact, you might be reading this blog on your smartphone using some blogging or other mobile apps.

These mobility solutions have entered every space and dimension of the economy and delivered impressive solutions to the prevailing challenges. They have proven to be the core element of every business vertical and process. But, can we say the same for the election process too?

Let’s have a look at the top apps used for election process across the globe:

Voter App

This mobile application entertains users with a set of questions and a Tinder-like swipe interface with which they find it easier to come across the parties and candidates that match to their ideologies.

Settle It!

This app lets users keep themselves updated with all political controversies right from their smartphone.


VoterPal application makes the process of registering as a voter pretty easy. All you have to do is to scan the QR code at the back of your state-issued license and the information scanned will automatically be filled in your state’s voter registration form. The app them mail that forms to you, on which you would have to print, sign, and mail the completed form later.


As depicted from the name, this application is popularly used in the USA for keeping a count of the upcoming votes, main arguments for and against any bill, the voting record of your favourite candidate, and more.

Now, while this would have given you a hint about the benefits of mobile apps in the election process, let’s learn about them in detail.

So, here we begin.

Vote anytime, anywhere

The very first privilege that mobile apps have offered to users is to give a vote anytime and anywhere. Meaning, users need not ensure to be present in their state and stand in long queues to fulfil their responsibility of voting. They can do it from their home or office too.

Get real-time updates

Despite the availability of a wide range of media options in the present scenario, various people are still unfamiliar with what’s happening around in accordance with elections. They have no idea about what new steps are their favourite leaders taking for winning the elections or for the welfare of common people, the challenges they are facing, and much more.

A mobile application, in this scenario, aids them with real-time updates in the form of short stories, video clips, or images. Also, they encourage them to click on the hottest news via push notifications and access them in no-time, even when they are not using the application at that moment.

Raise funding in real-time

One of the biggest challenges that parties often face during elections is fundraising. They either have not been able to gather enough funds for running a campaign or go out of cash during the process.

A mobile application, in this context, helps them with raising funds easily and effortlessly in real-time. Designed by reputed app development companies, the mobility solutions bring parties and leaders closer to common people and encourage them to contribute some fraction of their earnings towards these activities.

Prevent Frauds

Many times, people harass voters or interfere in the election process to get more votes. This reflects an adverse impact on the concept of democracy and even make corrupted people win the election.

However, this is not so in the case of mobile applications.

Being available on smartphones that users keep with themselves all the time, mobile apps enable them to give votes from anywhere via their authenticated accounts. And thus, prevent the chances of making a wrong choice under pressure.

Get detailed information about leaders

Another reason why mobile applications have become popular in the election process is that it avails a piece of detailed information about leaders to the audience. This gives them a sound knowledge about the ideology, educational qualifications, as well as political and criminal backgrounds of their favourite leaders in an effortless manner. Something that makes it easier for them to go with the right leader.

Make a social presence

Again, it is true that social media applications are adding value to the political world. It is enabling the political leaders to keep people abreast of everything around their ideas, new policies, and concerns. But, it is more likely that users might overlook your post in the middle of multiple posts rolling down on their home feed. Also, many might not be curious to type your name and visit your profile personally to read everything.

A mobile app, in this scenario, can reduce their hassle along with providing you with more opportunities of making your social presence.

Predict the next election winner

Last but not least, mobile applications – integrated with latest technologies and tools like AI and Big Data – makes the process of surveying easier, quicker, and efficient.

It streamlines the process of gathering data from different resources, arranging them as per different criteria, and thus, coming up with useful insights that can be further used to predict results of election polls and even make marketing strategies around the same. And the best part is that one need not put much manual efforts and time into the process while making this survey.


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