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girls education covid-19, teachers covid-19

85% of teachers in the Global South provided extra care for girls in education

Many teachers took on ‘humanitarian roles’ during COVID-19 school closures, aiming to improve girls’ education - as well as providing healthcare and safeguarding.
online safety bill report, women online abuse

Online Safety Bill report finds 62% of women face online abuse

According to evidence in the Online Safety Bill report, 62% of women aged between 18-34 experience online abuse and harassment - with 50% of 11-16 year old girls also facing these issues online.
online racial abuse, online harms bill

UK Government fails to tackle online racial abuse of athletes

On Monday (12 July) there was a stark increase in online racial abuse against Bukayo Saka, Marcus Rashford and Jadon Sancho - with the infamously late Online Safety Bill far from becoming law, how are the Government tackling this?
primary schools stay closed, technology

Some primary schools stay closed due to rising COVID-19 cases

With rising COVID-19 cases, secondary schools will officially remain shut until 18 January - but primary schools across the country have also decided to stay closed.
Faryal Minhas

Faryal Minhas – Human Appeal

Faryal Minhas is Human Appeal’s Country Director in Iraq. She has previously served as their Country Director in Pakistan, and Orphans & Child Welfare Manager.
staff and pupils

Edtech: Helping staff and pupils through school closures

Justin Reilly, CEO at safeguarding specialist Impero Software, discusses how EdTech can help staff and pupils whilst schools across the nation remain closed.
Dr Mark Kavenagh

Dr Mark Kavenagh – ECPAT International

Mark Kavenagh has worked for ECPAT International as the Head of Research and Policy since early 2018.
black swan theory, public administration

Black Swans in Public Administration: Rare Organisational Failure with Severe Consequences

A DFG-project run by Professor Wolfgang Seibel, University of Konstanz, Germany, called “Black Swans in Public Administration: Rare Organisational Failure with Severe Consequences” is explained here in detail.
porn ban, age verification system

Is the UK “porn ban” successful?

The largest mainstream test of an online age verification system since the announcement of the UK’s “porn ban” has taken place, and has been described as a huge success.
South Karelia Social and Health Care District, Cornerstone

Integration: Eksote’s customer-oriented service development

Merja Tepponen South Karelia Social and Health Care District (Eksote) explains why integration is a cornerstone of the organisation’s customer-oriented service development.
digital transformation

Public sector digital transformation is critical in light of cyber-attack threat

When introduced efficiently, digital transformation undoubtedly has a positive impact on the quality and accessibility of public services in the UK, with investment in digital tools becoming a key element of the government’s future planning strategies
refugees in national systems

Including refugees in national systems: Examples from Ethiopia

UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency details the facilitation of refugees in national systems – with interesting examples from Ethiopia

Policy recommendations for Japan towards achieving labour CRS/ RBC

The government’s current policy can be improved. Therefore, it is an urgent task to create an overarching policy vision to help Japan on its journey towards Labour CSR/RBC.
Police stand guard on Whitehall st

Met Police misconduct: 1000 sexual allegations to be investigated against officers

800 Met Police officers are being investigated, facing sexual and domestic abuse claims and other accusations of potential Met Police misconduct.

Using real-time data platforms to plug cybersecurity skills gap

How can we use real-time data platforms to improve the cybersecurity skills gap crisis in government and the public sector?
Osaka University of Economics and Law

Osaka University of Economics and Law

Professor Emi Sugawara leads a research project on business and human rights from the perspective of the parties concerned for improved policies
London and metropolitan EU Europe office building for network and future concept

Reaching data maturity within government

By embracing data maturity, governments can lay the groundwork for a more effective public sector, and digital society – but how do they get there?
Military burn pits

Military burn pits: A toxic legacy of war

In recent years, the use of military burn pits has become one of the most widely discussed concerns about both current service members and veterans’ health.

The top five things organisations get wrong in their privacy statement

Michael Wuestefeld-Gray, the Director of WuDo Solutions, delves into the top mistakes businesses make, and what a good privacy statement looks like.
Vaccine or flu shot in injection needle next to person's arm, ready to be injected

Protecting against future flu pandemics with the 20-subtype mRNA flu vaccine

Penn scientists develop experimental mRNA flu vaccine to protect against all 20 known subtypes of influenza virus.

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