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A street of boarded up derelict houses in Liverpool

Nobody’s Home: How can councils get empty homes back into use?

With the cost-of-living crisis at an unaffordable high, councils need to address empty homes and how they can benefit from having new occupants.
tax arrears

Smart tech help councils address tax arrears in a sustainable way

Paul Rudd, Director of Service Design at Civica, discusses the three-step approach local authorities should consider when dealing with COVID’s impact on council tax arrears.
Taxpayers money

Taxpayers money for police and fire brigade services is wasted on fly-tipping

It has been revealed that taxpayers money is being used to clean up fly-tipping incidents as opposed to being allocated to police and fire brigade services.
immediate tax relief

Government gives immediate tax relief to those affected by flood damage

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced that households and business owners significantly affected by recent flooding will receive immediate tax relief.
citizen debt

A holistic view of citizen debt is crucial to collection

Gary Bell, Executive Director of Civica, advises how councils can better collect the large sums of money owed to them in this article 
not online

Millions of over 55s not online and missing out on essential services

Figures released by the Office for National Statistics show that a whopping 4.7 million people (making up 94% of all 'non-users') over the age of 55 are not online. The report warns that they could be at risk of missing out on essential services provided by companies that continue to move their businesses online
council tax

Will the council tax hike be enough to keep London safe? 

The London Assembly Budget and Performance Committee publishes its ‘Response to the Mayor’s draft consultation budget 2018-19’ The Mayor’s key decision this year was to increase council tax by 5 percent to be mainly allocated to the Met and London’s fire service. But despite the extra cash, Sadiq Khan has...
East Hampshire council tax cash

East Hampshire cuts council tax for second year running

East Hampshire District Council has once again set itself apart from other local authorities up and down the country by cutting council tax bills Yes, you read that right: For the second consecutive year, East Hampshire District Council is cutting council tax rates. Following a 2% reduction last year, the...
council tax rises not enough for social care

Council tax rises won’t fix local government funding crisis: LGA

The Local Government Association warns that cuts to other services are inevitable as council tax rises will fail to plug the adult social care funding gap Council tax rises from this April will not raise enough to avoid more deep cuts to local services next year, the Local Government Association...
surrey county council tax rise

Tory-led Surrey County Council wants to hike council tax by 15%

Conservative-run Surrey County Council wants to raise council tax by 15% to cover rising demand for services, but it will have to put the plans to a vote Surrey County Council will seek a council tax rise of 15%, it announced today. “We have to set a budget that will protect...
council tax

Council tax to rise in Glasgow for the first time in over a decade

For the first time in 12 years Glasgow City Council has revealed it will increase council tax in a bid to close a funding gap of almost £70m
Local authorities target homes to recover unpaid council tax

Local authorities target debtors’ homes to recover unpaid council tax

Local authorities are increasingly having to target debtors’ homes as a way of recovering unpaid council tax, according to accountancy firm Moore Stephens Accountancy firm Moore Stephens says that 54% of local authorities are now using ‘charging orders’ to secure unpaid council tax against debtors’ properties – up from 38%...
Council tax on second homes doubled by Lib Dems

Lib Dems to double second home council tax

The Liberal Democrats will give local authorities the power to charge more council tax on second homes A spokesperson for the Liberal Democrats insisted a new policy that would give local authorities the right to charge more council tax on second homes is not aimed at attacking holiday property owners. The...

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