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terror attacks

Threats from terror attacks and keeping communities safe

Cllr Nesil Caliskan, Chair of the Local Government Association’s Safer, Stronger Communities Board, explains how councils take terror attack threats very seriously and work hard with partners in keeping communities safe & connected.
responses to terrorism, public safety

How can technological solutions enhance responses to terrorism?

Naz Dossa, CEO, Peoplesafe, explores how the Peoplesafe Alert service can enhance public safety through improved responses to terrorism.
Reframing the border

Reframing the border as a continuum

Ray Batt, Director, Border Security Programmes Europe, Unisys, offers commentary on reframing the border and the future of trading.
police funding

Home Office announce largest police funding increase since 2010

Additional funding up to £970 million, including £509 million from council tax flexibility will go towards recruiting more police officers.
national security

Providing a comprehensive response to the UK’s national security

John Wright, Global Director of Public Safety & Justice at Unisys shares his thoughts on how UK government policy helps to provide a comprehensive response to the country’s national security.
Vehicle Attacks

Security needs to be improved to protect against all vehicle attacks

Gavin Hepburn, Director at ATG Access argues that security needs to be improved to protect against all vehicle attacks – intentional or otherwise, in this opinion article
terror attacks

A new security standard for criminal vehicle impacts

Roger Knight, Marshalls’ Head of New Product Development and Engineering for Landscape Protection, explains what the new PAS 170 security standard will provide and the benefits it will bring for businesses and government organisations in terms of criminal vehicle impacts
illegal content online

European Commission: Tackling illegal content online

The efforts of the European Commission around tackling illegal content online are charted here by Open Access Government
public security

Brits call for more public security ahead of Royal Wedding

Over half of British residents want to see tougher public security put in place ahead of major outdoor summer events, such as the Royal Wedding, according to new research
PAS 170

A new security standard to protect people and places

Jaz Vilkhu, Marshalls’ Managing Director of Landscape Protection, argues that the new PAS 170 standard will offer organisations an assured product to secure against criminal threats and accidental impacts for the very first time

Extremism Commissioner confirms plans for 2018

Lead Commissioner for Countering Extremism, Sara Khan, has set out her plans to engage and consult, produce a comprehensive study and make recommendations to government
terrorist content

New technology revealed to help fight terrorist content online

The Home Office has announced the development of new technology to automatically detect terrorist content on online platforms Developed by the Home Office and ASI Data Science, the technology uses advanced machine learning to analyse the audio and visuals of a video to determine whether it could Daesh propaganda. Tests have...
council tax

Will the council tax hike be enough to keep London safe? 

The London Assembly Budget and Performance Committee publishes its ‘Response to the Mayor’s draft consultation budget 2018-19’ The Mayor’s key decision this year was to increase council tax by 5 percent to be mainly allocated to the Met and London’s fire service. But despite the extra cash, Sadiq Khan has...
Concrete barricades

A new frontline against terrorism

Jaz Vilkhu, Managing Director of Landscape Protection argues that urban planners must consider a holistic approach to protection against terrorists
security union

Searching for the silver bullet: towards a more effective Security Union

European Commissioner for the Security Union, Julian King underlines the role of the EU and national governments in keeping citizens safe
access control

Access control and what the future looks like

James Kelly, Chief Executive of the BSIA discusses access control and what the future looks like…

Standing up to terrorism and organised crime

Matthew Finn, Managing Director at AUGMETIQ discusses the importance of building Europe’s capability to fight terrorism and serious transnational organised crime  For the better part of a decade, the European Union (EU) has been struggling to create a new legal basis to protect its 500 million citizens while respecting their...

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