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travel habits

How lockdown travel habits are influencing the green recovery

Mark Nicholson, CEO of Vivacity Labs, discusses how local lockdown travel habits are already influencing the green recovery.
Travel Time

The Worthwhile Experience of Travel Time: Perspectives from the MoTiV Project

Learn about the exciting MoTiV Project and the worthwhile experience of Travel Time, with expert input from the European Cyclists’ Federation and the University of Žilina.
the Cycle to Work scheme

Sustainable and active transport: A focus on the Cycle to Work scheme

James Palser, CFE-UK Project Manager at Cycling UK, argues the case for sustainable and active transport, including the virtues of the Cycle to Work scheme.
Cycle to Work Scheme

Cycle to Work Scheme: Promoting health for people and the environment

Rachel White, Head of Public Affairs, Sustrans shares her views on how the Cycle to Work Scheme is promoting health for people and our environment.
cycle to work, cyclescheme

Only 6% of people cycle to work in the UK

According to research by Hawk Incentives, provider of Cyclescheme in the UK, only 6% of British workers currently cycle to work.
benefits of cycling, MHR

What are the health benefits of cycling to work?

Lee Hammond describes the health benefits of cycling as an opportunity to work better, feel better and clear the air on National Cycle to Work Day.
cyclists and pedestrians

Safety for cyclists and pedestrians at heart of Highway Code review

Transport Minister Jesse Norman has announced that the Government is set to review how road users should behave in relation to cyclists and pedestrians
road safety laws

Cyclists and pedestrians to be protected under new road safety laws

The Department for Transport plans to update road safety laws to protect vulnerable road users in a bid to encourage more of us to take to two wheels to get around.
biking routes

Petition calls to have biking routes introduced to Google Maps

A petition has been launched calling for biking routes to be added to Google Maps in a response to the needs of 1.25 million British bikers

Cycle-friendly employers: A framework for business

Marco Ciarrocchi, Bike2work Project Manager at the European Cyclists’ Federation highlights how cycle-friendly employers can benefit European businesses

The government unveils plans to promote cycling and walking

A £1.2 billion programme set out by the government aims to restore walking and cycling as the ‘go to’ method of transport for short journeys
EU cycling economy cyclist sunset

EU cycling economy contributes €513bn each year

New figures from the European Cyclists’ Federation show that the EU cycling economy contributes €513bn each year across the 28 Member States Cycling creates economic benefits of €513 billion each year, according to the findings of a new ‘EU Cycling Economy’ report by the European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF). Across the...
EU Cycling Strategy

EU Cycling Strategy: Putting the EU on the cycle track

With the EU Cycling Strategy, the European Cyclists’ Federation hopes to get all member states on the right track, as Fabian Küster explains To put the EU on the cycle track’ is the goal of the EU Cycling Strategy Campaign that was launched this September by a coalition of stakeholders...
electric bike

First electric bike share scheme rolled out in Exeter

Exeter is the first city in the UK to launch an electric bike share scheme, which aims to reduce transport pollution and congestion… An electric bike scheme has been launched in Exeter - the first of which to be launched in the UK. The Co-Bikes scheme was launched last week and...

Investing in urban mobility

Benedicte Swennen, urban mobility and cities policy officer at the European Cyclists’ Federation outlines how mobility habits are shifting throughout Europe The growth of cars in the past 50 years and the adaptation of the infrastructure to this dominant mode of transport have transformed our cities into urban areas with...

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