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protecting women MPs, twitter and FB

Twitter and FB are not protecting women MPs from abuse

The Joint Human Rights Committee accused Facebook and Twitter of failing to do enough to protect female MPs and other public figures from online abuse during an evidence session yesterday (1 May).
uk climate emergency, climate change, extinction rebellion

UK “climate emergency”: What does it really mean?

After the vote on Wednesday, Parliament has shown that it intends to be symbolically at war with climate change with the declaration of a UK “climate emergency”.
cross-party collaboration, brexit collaboration

Why did it take so long for UK cross-party collaboration over Brexit?

Simon Hill explores why a lack of cross-party collaboration is one of the biggest errors in the handling of Brexit over the past three years.
windrush scandal, amber rudd

The truth of the Windrush scandal: One year on

Today marks one year since Amber Rudd’s formal apology for her actions against the Windrush migrants: Amnesty examines what really happened, what the effects are to this moment and where the UK government can go from here.
brexit extension, EU without a plan

Brexit extension should be used to prepare for more negotiation

The UK risks stumbling into the next phase of negotiations with the EU without a plan, putting the country at an unnecessary disadvantage with the Brexit extension, according to a new report.
trump forces asylum, remain in mexico

Trump forces asylum-seekers back into Mexico

In this piece, Amnesty sheds light on how the asylum cases in San Diego recently are examples of humanitarian violations: Whilst the West is distracted by Brexit, forced returns continue to happen.
khashoggi murder trial, trial in riyadh

Khashoggi murder trial: Will the UK tell public the truth?

Britain, France, and the United States should issue public reports on the Jamal Khashoggi murder trial: The media, UN and public are banned from trial proceedings, so who will tell the truth?
brunei cruel punishments, shariah penal code

Brunei: Cruel punishments and death sentences

Brunei has finalised the implementation of a Shariah Penal Code that introduces cruel punishments such as death by stoning for same-sex sexual acts and amputation for robbery.
IP address targeting, personal data

A home-invasion: The clandestine motives behind IP address targeting

Most are aware that as our time spent online has increased, so has companies’ access to our personal data: What is the truth behind IP address targeting?
the elections, democracy, European Union

Is democracy under fire? The European Union before the elections

Günther H.Oettinger, Commissioner for Budget & Human Resources at the European Commission analyses why democracy is under fire in the European Union in the lead up to the elections in May 2019 – but also underlines the strengths of Europe including competitiveness.
Europe in space defence, US space force, space policy directive 4

The U.S. Space Force: Rising stakes for Europe in space defence

In this article, an oncoming U.S. weaponisation of space via Trumps' Space Policy Directive 4 is examined in context of Europe in space defence.
millennial engagement

The secret to millennial engagement? Progressive politics!

Maria Joao Rodrigues, President of the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS) and Vice President of the S&D Group in the European Parliament, argues that the secret to millennial engagement is progressive politics.
energy sector

How will politics impact the energy sector in 2018?

The influence of political change extends far beyond the walls of the House of Commons. Even small acts of legislation can send shockwaves through many different industries, not least the energy sector

Settled status for EU citizens is a ‘damp squib’

Theresa May’s offer of settled status for EU citizens does not come close to what should be on the table for EU residents, say EU politicians

Boundary review could see prominent MPs lose seats

Several senior MPs could lose their seats under new boundary proposals for England and Wales. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and former chancellor George Osborne are among a number of senior MPs whose seats could be abolished under boundary proposals. The government plans on cutting the number of MPs in parliament and...

How standards benefit the UK economy

Daniel Mansfield Head of Policy Engagement at BSI discusses how standards contribute to the UK economy, and focuses on the stand-out sectors  Independent research by Cebr (Centre for Economics and Business Research), commissioned by BSI, the UK’s National Standards Body and funded by the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills,...
Council tax on second homes doubled by Lib Dems

Lib Dems to double second home council tax

The Liberal Democrats will give local authorities the power to charge more council tax on second homes A spokesperson for the Liberal Democrats insisted a new policy that would give local authorities the right to charge more council tax on second homes is not aimed at attacking holiday property owners. The...
Greens launch election manifesto

The Green Party launches election manifesto

The Green Party is set to launch its election manifesto, which will include a call to “take back” the NHS from the private sector Party leader Natalie Bennett and MP Caroline Lucas are set to unveil their party's election manifesto today. It will focus on issues such as stopping the...
Conservatives to extend Right to Buy

Conservatives to extend Right to Buy

David Cameron has pledged to extend the Right to Buy scheme, which allows social housing tenants to purchase their home The controversial Right to Buy scheme will be extended under the Conservatives. David Cameron is expected to unveil the pledge, which will allow up to 1.3 million social housing tenants...

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