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terror attacks

Threats from terror attacks and keeping communities safe

Cllr Nesil Caliskan, Chair of the Local Government Association’s Safer, Stronger Communities Board, explains how councils take terror attack threats very seriously and work hard with partners in keeping communities safe & connected.
responses to terrorism, public safety

How can technological solutions enhance responses to terrorism?

Naz Dossa, CEO, Peoplesafe, explores how the Peoplesafe Alert service can enhance public safety through improved responses to terrorism.
long-term employment refugee, refugees jobs

Long-term employment prospects of refugees decline after five years

Research finds that the longer refugees are living in the U.S., the lower their likelihood of finding long-term employment becomes, even with the assistance of employment services.
UK far-right extremism, National Action

Researchers give insight into UK far-right extremism

New research provides invaluable insight into UK far-right extremism by investigating the political group and terrorist organisation, National Action.

How can video analysis facilitate investigation of criminal and terrorist activities?

VICTORIA (VIDEO ANALYSIS FOR INVESTIGATION OF CRIMINAL AND TERRORIST ACTIVITIES) is a Horizon 2020 EU Security Project, which is developing robust and accurate video analysis technology to boost the law enforcement agencies’ investigative capacity.
telecoms infrastructure

Is the UK’s telecoms infrastructure fit for emergency alerts?

Javier Colado, SVP of International Sales at Everbridge discusses how the UK is under pressure to ensure its telecoms infrastructure is fit to enable the transmission of emergency alerts to mobile phones.
cause of religious violence, AI and religion

AI systems explain cause of religious violence

Artificial intelligence can help us to better understand the root causes of religious violence and to potentially control it, according to a new Oxford University collaboration.
national security

Providing a comprehensive response to the UK’s national security

John Wright, Global Director of Public Safety & Justice at Unisys shares his thoughts on how UK government policy helps to provide a comprehensive response to the country’s national security.
integrated security

Do we need to rethink how we design public spaces, with smarter integrated security?

Ian Robinson, Director of Business Development at RWS Ltd, has managed and installed key security projects for the national infrastructure and government agencies worldwide. He asks if we need to rethink how we design public spaces, with smarter integrated security in mind.
Vehicle Attacks

Security needs to be improved to protect against all vehicle attacks

Gavin Hepburn, Director at ATG Access argues that security needs to be improved to protect against all vehicle attacks – intentional or otherwise, in this opinion article
terror attacks

A new security standard for criminal vehicle impacts

Roger Knight, Marshalls’ Head of New Product Development and Engineering for Landscape Protection, explains what the new PAS 170 security standard will provide and the benefits it will bring for businesses and government organisations in terms of criminal vehicle impacts
public security

Brits call for more public security ahead of Royal Wedding

Over half of British residents want to see tougher public security put in place ahead of major outdoor summer events, such as the Royal Wedding, according to new research
public spaces

The security dynamic around public spaces in the UK

Specialist defence and security writer, Tom Jones shares his views on the security dynamic around public spaces in the UK.

Extremism Commissioner confirms plans for 2018

Lead Commissioner for Countering Extremism, Sara Khan, has set out her plans to engage and consult, produce a comprehensive study and make recommendations to government
scared of flying

Brits more scared of flying than ever before

According to a recent survey, over 21 million Brits are now more scared of flying compared to 10 years ago
crash barriers

Marshalls – Landscape Protection

Aesthetically pleasing crash barriers as ‘street furniture’ – why functional will no longer do
terrorist content

New technology revealed to help fight terrorist content online

The Home Office has announced the development of new technology to automatically detect terrorist content on online platforms Developed by the Home Office and ASI Data Science, the technology uses advanced machine learning to analyse the audio and visuals of a video to determine whether it could Daesh propaganda. Tests have...
Protective security advice

Protective security advice for the UK’s national infrastructure

The Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI), the UK government authority for protective security advice to the UK’s national infrastructure, is placed under the spotlight by Open Access Government The Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure, (CPNI), is the government authority for protective security advice for the...
Concrete barricades

A new frontline against terrorism

Jaz Vilkhu, Managing Director of Landscape Protection argues that urban planners must consider a holistic approach to protection against terrorists
armed police

Brits call for more armed police at Christmas markets

A third of the British public want to see more armed police at Christmas markets in light of recent terror events, according to new research 36% of Brits are calling for more armed officers to patrol public events, such as Christmas markets, and 57% would like to see more security...

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