A full-scale nuclear war between the U.S. and Russia would see global food systems obliterated and over 5 billion people die of hunger

In his starkest assessment yet, U.S. president Joe Biden has declared that the world is the closest it has come to nuclear catastrophe in 60 years and so it comes as no surprise that many of us are worried.

“We have not faced the prospect of Armageddon since Kennedy and the Cuban missile crisis,” he said.

“[Putin is] not joking when he talks about potential use of tactical nuclear weapons or biological or chemical weapons because his military is, you might say, significantly underperforming.”

And it’s true in the sense that Putin and his officials have threatened nuclear weapons against the U.S. and allies in pursuit of its invasion of Ukraine.

As dark and depressing as the prospect of nuclear war is, it is natural to be curious about its potential. A global study led by Rutgers climate scientists estimates post-conflict crop production.

Lead author Lili Xia, an Assistant Research Professor in the Department of Environmental Sciences at Rutgers, and co-author Alan Robock, a distinguished Professor of climate science in the Department of Environmental Sciences at Rutgers University have built upon past research to determine what would happen if there was a nuclear war.

We must prevent a nuclear war from ever happening

“The data tell us one thing: We must prevent a nuclear war from ever happening,” comments Robock.

Xia, Robock and colleagues have calculated how much sun-blocking soot could be ignited, as a result of nuclear weapons. The researchers determined soot dispersal for a variety of war scenarios – from smaller India-Pakistan wars to a large U.S.-Russia war. They based the destruction on the size of each country’s nuclear arsenal.

So, what would happen if there was a nuclear war?

Even under the smallest nuclear scenario, say a localised war between India and Pakistan, the destruction would be immense. The global average caloric production would decrease by 7% within five years of the conflict.

Global average caloric production would decrease by about 90%

The team also tested what would happen in the event of U.S. Russia nuclear conflict. In this instance, global average caloric production would decrease by about 90% three to four years after the fighting.

Graph illustrating 'The global averaged calorie intake two years after a potential nuclear war.'
The global averaged calorie intake two years after a potential nuclear war.

Severe crop declines in mid-high latitude nations

Crop declines would be the most severe in the mid-high latitude nations. This includes major exporting countries such as Russia and the U.S.

Declining crops could lead to export restrictions and cause severe disruptions in places dependent on imports such as Africa and the Middle East.

The research team predicted that these changes would induce a catastrophic disruption of global food markets.

In fact, a 7% global decline in crop yield might not sound like much, but its impact would be astronomical. It would exceed the largest anomaly ever recorded since the beginning of Food and Agricultural Organization observational records in 1961.

And under the largest war scenario – a war between the U.S. and Russia – more than 75% of the planet would be starving within two years.

The team considered whether using crops fed to livestock as human food or reducing food waste could offset caloric losses in the immediate aftermath of a nuclear war, but concluded that the savings were minimal under the large injection scenarios.

“Future work will bring even more granularity to the crop models,” Xia said.

The ozone layer would be destroyed by the heating of the stratosphere

“For instance, the ozone layer would be destroyed by the heating of the stratosphere, producing more ultraviolet radiation at the surface, and we need to understand that impact on food supplies.”

Nuclear weapons must be banned

Robock attests that researchers already know how dangerous a nuclear war would be. A nuclear attack of any size would obliterate global food systems and kill billions of people in the process.

The only solution, is to ban nuclear weapons, explains the professor: “If nuclear weapons exist, they can be used, and the world has come close to nuclear war several times.

Banning nuclear weapons is the only long-term solution

“Banning nuclear weapons is the only long-term solution. The five-year-old UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons has been ratified by 66 nations, but none of the nine nuclear states.

“Our work makes clear that it is time for those nine states to listen to science and the rest of the world and sign this treaty.”


    • As long as nationality ,politics,religion,economic differences , armaments manufacturers r there which is supported And ignited
      By people through out the World, the Wars will go on !!! People foolishly elect foolish so called Leaders who perpetuate the madness in the form of War ,religious divisions etc.
      Only Love And affection amongst people throughout the World will solve the madness of War !!

  1. 2,000 years a go the Apostle John in Revelation 18 predicted nuclear destruction on a great civilization, Babylon, towards the end of history — could only be nuclear destruction, a nation destroyed by fire in the space of only one hour. This rich nation made its income by trade on the high seas — sea merchants were horrified and wailed in utter despair because there was no one to buy their wares any longer.

      • Bit strident there Dan. Clearly you have no relationship with God. You seem hostile by your answer, I imagine short tempered. That anger, the lack of peace and contentment and likely intermittent fleeting joy comes from living in the human spirit absent God. We believers, by Faith, come to know God through answered prayer. You in your nature have only yourself to rely on. Man I’m contented not being you, considering for example wheeling into an operating room and your life in the hands of the doctor!
        God directs us, we who seek God voluntarily to the finest doctors and outcomes. There are no coincidences for Believers only directed journeys.

        Talk to God Dan, and watch your life from the bleachers change dramatically. Be Blessed my Brother.

  2. We will keep marching towards various disasters as long as this new woke religion is allowed to infect everything in our lives.

    The censorship and groupthink and total domination of the narrative by woke regime media, gov, pharma and corporate, academia, big tech and entertainment is our civilisations’ downfall.

    • You must write great job proposals because what you’ve written just sounds like a load of manager speak throwing every keyword in there, with zero actual substance.

  3. Oh yeah let’s blame potential disasters on a countries ability to unmask it’s deep dark past of wrongdoings. AKA ” WOKE MOVEMENT” The true disaster is having a population hell bent on retaining the covered over truths ,wanting to not disclose past wrongdoings.Those are so in fear that they might be found out that they actually embrace the ideals of supremacists, and fear their own bank account make take some sort of a hit VS what is humain to do.

  4. People are already starving and freezing with inflation while the rich became richer in the past few years.

    I don’t think nuclear war will be a drastic change to the standard of living of those suffering with high food and rent costs.

    • I agree that people are already freezing and starving, but over 5 BILLION people would die of starvation. Thats not including the number of people who would die in the minutes following the bombs being dropped.

      • That’s totally opinion based I highly doubt 5 billion people wouldn’t die life definitely wouldn’t be what it is now food would be scarce but if you don’t believe that the government hasn’t been stockpiling dehydrated food you’re a fool an the fact that we have already experienced nuclear war an nothing like what these over exaggerating scientist seem to predict actually happened it’s the distraction that one needs to worry about not hunger an earth ozone is freaking going no where after getting hit with one are two nuclear war heads hits a continent that will be the end of that war period you will never see a long drawn out nuclear war ever so keep coming up with these imaginary scientific theories…

        • Dan yes the science is true and the world will be virtually destroyed…….
          However all the Revelation says is that the Nation of Babylon will be darkened and then after that then the smoke will be seen throughout the world and the merchants will lament that there is no one to by their goods……
          So the Nation will be destroyed and the rest of the world will carry on for the rest of the tribulation Until the return of the SAVIOR AND KING JESUS CHRIST……..

    • I hearty agree, the voting people suffer whilst fat cats get fatter from our suffering. If the bomb did go off, I want a ground zero seat, the aftermath does not bear thinking about.

    • Please do not allow naive thinking about nuclear war cause your self or anyone else to be under the impression that it will not be no worse than any other tragedies no matter what the source….
      Without a doubt the world population will be quite nearly obliterated after only about 2-3 years in the aftermath
      With nearly 1-2 billion dead within the first hours through the first 3 days……
      BOMBS GO OFF……

    • Nothing can escape the Law of Nature … Take the Law of Nature as a metaphor for God. Like Albert Einstein said: “Everything is determined by forces over which we have no control …… ……. ….. “. Enjoy the day.

  5. Yes read your bible,, recieve Christ as your savior,,than you will become a part of an eternal kingdom,, this world will come to an end,, seek God while he can be found.

    • Good for you Andy, to forget your true self is God is insane, the world has always been full of fear, anger, hate, jealousy. I am not talking about religion but a cinnection with the energy of compassion and gentleness in your heart of hearts. Humanity is off its trolley and always has been, listen to your heart….

    • Religion was spread by murder violence and evil hard to support those things if you ask me you mindless brainwashed woke aliens

    • Leave god out of this stop trying to force your way of life on others it’s not right that’s what you believe good for you but they have the same right to not believe… the Bible is a book that another man wrote so please stop so go be a follower…

    • That’s the trouble today, people are so taken up by material things, religion has taken a way off back seat. We should get our priorities right, I am catholic, but no bible pusher,but I have seen miracles happen in past few years. Hell, life is a miracle!!!!
      That’s all folks. !!!!!!!!!!

        • A miracle, by accepted definition, always evokes the occurrence of a “supernatural event”. Although all life, from the simplest one celled protozoa to a more complicated species, such as ourselves, could be considered quite amazing, it hardly qualifies as a miracle, since there wasn’t a true “supernatural event” that was actually needed, to begin with.
          As virtually all fields of applied science have clearly shown, life itself doesn’t necessarily require a “supernatural event” in order to have originated. Furthermore, based on the well accepted tenets of mathematical probability, it’s extremely logical to predict that, given the right length of time and the right conditions, it was inevitable that life, by its’ very definition, would have emerged. Also, it’s for that very reason that, given the immense size of our known universe, we can objectively predict that there are probably billions of other galaxies, solar systems and their associated planets, that have some form of life thriving within them.

  6. It’s only a matter of time b4 a dictator who’s about to lose power (Putin?, Kim Jong-un?, Khamenei, or?) hits the button. It also appears that a conspiatorially minded U.S. military duo who control a missile silo have the ability to arbitrarily launch their ICBM. Religious fanatics are a worry, too, because they may believe that the Supreme Being they strive to honor wants them to lead the world into oblivion.

    • Is it possible that Putin could give the go ahead and the people around him say – no?

      I am living every day terrified. Absolutely terrified for my children but at the same time I can’t imagine there would be *many* people who would actually push the button.

      Everyone has dreams and families and loved ones. Everyone also loves MONEY. China won’t allow Russia to press the button. India too.

      We have to have faith that he can’t just do it, otherwise he would have already.

      At what point does Putin consider M.A.D? He is doing everything FOR Russia- if he does anything – HE destroys Russia, he won’t do that.

      I’m an atheist. If he does it. I hope it’s quick and my kids are asleep. That’s all

      If he does it – all of this – everything, every achievement humanity has ever made will have been for naught.

  7. Just stop and think a moment. In ww1 they ordered hundreds of thousands of young men to charge machine guns and poison gas,the death and horror where right in front of the men making the decisions,does anyone really believe we will not destroy the world in a nuclear war soon? It is going to happen because some leader will decide that it’s WINNABLE,that his countries honor is served by hundreds of millions dead. Look at history,it tells you that those in charge never really care about how many die.

    • Lmfao it will happen but it’s not going to be as predicted it just wouldn’t happen and what your describing is an act of nature there’s dominant and submissive in every single species that walks this earth fighting over territory is a part of life in every way get used to it… from humans to loins to fish

    • And those leaders are going to die too if the nuclear war is global….. and if they pop just 2 EMPS over any this nation or China or Russia then the war will not be global as far as the nuclear attack goes

  8. “Life is a miracle” Wow that is so true so beautiful.
    I fear the end of the world because IIput my bondage before I put my God now if only if only I could just

  9. Religion is an invention of man
    There is no teaching of religion in the WORD OF GOD…….
    The teaching and enlightening given in the WORD OF GOD
    is a teaching of faith, love, and reliability on FATHER GOD AND THE SAVIOR SON JESUS CHRIST


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