BEPA and European Commission launch BATT4EU

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The Batteries European Partnership Association (BEPA) and the European Commission signed the document that launches BATT4EU, which aims for sustainability with an investment of €925 million

The BATT4EU alliance is worth €925 million of Horizon Europe investment, signalling a serious feeling toward creating a functional climate neutral transport system across the bloc. At the G7 meeting in 2021, EU leaders committed to their pre-existing goals – with carbon neutral functioning by 2050 remaining a high priority.

Michael Lippert, Chair of BEPA, commented: “With more than 165 members, BEPA shows that in Europe there is a great interest as well as know-how for the development of a competitive battery value chain.”

When it comes to battery research and innovation, the alternate source of energy is a formidable opponent to fossil fuel – as soon as the infrastructures are built and running.

The production of batteries right now is highest in Asia, where 90% are made. In the EU, only less than 1% of global lithium-ion battery cells are manufactured.

Dr Alistair Davidson, Director of Consortium for Battery Innovation, believes that now is truly the age of the battery: “Meanwhile, China’s highest solar farm, supplying 30MW into the grid, is being powered by 25 MWh of advanced lead battery storage. And across the U.S., a number of grid-scale projects are utilising advanced lead batteries to supply reliable and sustainable energy.”

‘It will also create economic growth’

Rosalinde van der Vlies, Director of Clean Planet for DG RTD, further commented: “The partnerships with industry that are being supported in Horizon Europe are ambitious, impact-driven initiatives that respond to EU policy priorities. The BATT4EU partnership contributes directly to the goals of the European Green Deal by enabling widespread adoption of e-mobility and stationary electrical energy storage. It will also create economic growth and jobs in a circular economy by developing an innovative, competitive and sustainable battery manufacturing industry in Europe.

“I particularly look forward to the synergies BATT4EU will create with other partnerships to ensure maximum impact, and wish for our common success with BEPA!”


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