Health benefits of authentic Finnish sauna bathing

Finnish sauna

Finmark Sauna explores the health benefits associated with cardiovascular disease, mental health, pain and respiratory disease, of Finnish sauna bathing

With gyms and swimming pools starting to re-open across the UK health-conscious people are eagerly returning to leisure clubs and will start benefiting from the numerous health benefits associated with cardiovascular exercise. But what about that heated box in the corner of some of these establishments? Sauna bathing, particularly the authentic Finnish version offers a myriad of sauna health benefits which you might not know about. However, it’s the steam created within a Finnish sauna which differentiates it from the infrared version and infrared sauna are what’s most often found in UK leisure clubs.

Robbie Thompson, PR manager at Finnmark Sauna said, “It’s all great news if you enjoy sauna bathing and use it as part of your fitness session. We completed a well-sourced sauna health section pre-COVID. They have significant positive effects of liver function and for decades they’ve been used in drug and substance rehabilitation programs across the globe. Also, quite intriguingly they help us defend against respiratory diseases – of which COVID is one. Unfortunately, our industry is full of spurious health benefit claims and we’ve steered clear of all of them. They aren’t helpful for our industry and give people the wrong idea. It makes them think of quick fixes.”

Cardiovascular health & stroke risk

Finnish sauna is a viable treatment option and preventative measure of cardiovascular disease. A 2015 study by Dr Jari Laukkanen investigating the association between frequent Finnish sauna bathing various cardiovascular issues found that Finnish sauna bathing significantly reduced the risk of sudden cardiac death, fatal cardiovascular and coronary heart disease, and all-cause mortality.

Relaxation, stress reduction & sleep improvement

Stress reduction during sauna bathing creates pleasant effects and it has a huge influence on our overall physiological health.

Mental health and socialisation

Used as a direct treatment for mental health via its relaxing influence and pro-social environment, or as an indirect treatment through its ability to lessen and even remove symptoms of physical pain, sauna’s positive impact on mental health is well documented. 

Chronic pain & fatigue

They’ve been found to be a safe and effective treatment for pain caused by many different medical conditions.

Exercise performance & muscle recovery

They increase the endurance of the locomotor and cardiorespiratory systems and are frequently practiced for recovery after exercise.

Respiratory disease, dementia & alzheimers

They’ve long been used as a method of defence against various respiratory diseases. Evidence shows they possess anti-inflammatory properties, improve impaired vascular and endothelial function.


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