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Politics and International Studies (POLIS) – Professor Richard Beardsworth

Professor Richard Beardsworth is the Head of the School of Politics and International Studies at the University of Leeds

Richard Beardsworth is Professor of International Relations, Head of the School of Politics and International Studies at the University of Leeds and research fellow at the Centre de Recherches Internationales at SciencesPo, Paris.  He also co-chairs the University of Leeds COP26 Task Force in the Priestley International Centre for Climate, which catalyses through a series of individual and networked events climate action to help meet the goals of the Paris Agreement 2015.

Trained as a political philosopher, Richard works in the discipline of International Relations, focusing on the ‘big thinking’ necessary to join the dots among climate science, politics and governance, and sustainable development. Heading the School of Politics and International Studies since 2019, he is building, with academic staff, platforms of interdisciplinary research and education that sharpen our understanding and delivery of the ‘politics of global challenges’: global health, climate change, sustainable development, the futures of parliamentary democracy and citizenship, etc. His aim is to offer, within the study of domestic and international politics, a critical and proactive vision and skill set for the coming generations that addresses, with optimism, the political challenges of the next ten to thirty years, in particular the political, economic and social transformations required to meet 50% reductions in carbon emissions by 2030. His own research and engagements address three areas that are tied to the critical importance of the state in global policy-formation: 1) political responsibility and leadership in a globalised, fractured world; 2) progressive state leadership on global challenges; 3) the politics of climate change.

Four relevant publications:

  • Beardsworth. Political Responsibility in a Globalized, Fractured Age. In The Routledge Handbook for Responsibility, London and New York. Routledge: 2021.
  • Beardsworth. Climate Science, the Politics of Climate Change and Futures of International Relations. Journal of International Relations, September 2020, 34/3, 374-390.
  • Beardsworth. The State and Cosmopolitan Responsibility. Co-editor with G. Brown and R. Shapcott. Oxford University Press: July 2019.
  • Beardsworth. Our Political Moment: Political Responsibility and Leadership in a Globalized, Fragmented Age. Journal of International Relations, December 2018, 32/4.

Previous publications in Open Access Government:




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