Price of COVID vaccines to rise as they become variant-ready

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France’s Junior Minister for European Affairs, Clément Beaune, said that the price of COVID vaccines Pfizer and Moderna rose after being adapted for the Delta variant

On Sunday (1 August), the Financial Times reported that EU prices had increased for both the Pfizer and Moderna COVID vaccines.

Pfizer and Moderna more expensive now

According to the paper, a Pfizer jab now costs €19.50 instead of €15.50, and a Moderna jab is now €21.50 instead of €19. Today (3 August), Junior Minister Beaune seemed to confirm this price hike in an interview with Radio France internationale.

He said: “To have more demanding contracts with products adapted to the variants will,  probably, yes, be a little more expensive, not only for the EU, but for all buyers.

“The vaccine doses that the EU is currently negotiating with Pfizer and other laboratories are not the same as the first generation of vaccines. They’re being adapted, as is requested by the contracts under negotiation, to the variants.”

Pfizer booster doses, to top up existing antibodies in the older and immunocompromised populations of the world, will then cost more than the original doses did. The company has previously said that COVID vaccines will not be sold to create a significant profit, as the universal devastation creates a unique market situation. However, it appears that Pfizer and Moderna are both moving to increase prices after making essential changes to their vaccine.

Currently, the EU is majority vaccinated. In Africa, barely 1% of people have been given a double-dose of the vaccine.

‘It also boosts the morale of other health workers’

Dr Mary Stephen, Public Health Expert at the World Health Organization African Region, commented: “So if you give health workers the COVID-19 vaccine, infection is reduced among health workers, it will help a lot in making sure that those that are sick have access to care. It also boosts the morale of other health workers.

“It’s really difficult, especially in emergencies like this, to take care of patients and then you see your colleagues continue to die, this kills people’s spirit. But with the vaccination, the number of severe cases will decrease.

“Therefore, the likelihood of health workers contracting and dying from the disease is reduced, so it keeps the enthusiasm high for health workers to continue to work and save lives.”


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