Secure remote patient monitoring for improved health efficiency

remote patient monitoring, health
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Here, we discover that SymlConnect digitises the paper-processes, offering remote monitoring to improve efficiency in care monitoring and reducing the waiting list exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic

Access to accurate time-critical patient health data and unrelenting demands from a continually expanding elderly population globally, has an immense impact on preventative care delivery measures. This severe concern coupled with the ongoing unprecedented pandemic crisis immeasurably impacted the monitoring delays on a national scale. Rising to the challenge, SymlConnect (Syml) designed a reactive and impactful patient-clinician remote operational solution for the primary care and community care markets, to be extended to secondary care outpatient clinics.

Syml’s uniqueness lies in the multi-tiered modular configuration using data capturing, data access, protocol building, communication technology and integration engines to share information with existing systems, based on the user role.

Syml’s core offering, an interoperable software framework, is a standards-based data push and pull ‘switchboard’ concept that facilitates seamless secured sharing of data anytime, anywhere. Additionally, an interactive reporting with data visualisation module facilitates speedy analysis of R-A-G (Red/Amber/Green) threshold alerts, flagging up urgent concerns to prompt essential preventative action.

remote patient monitoring, health

The need to effectively monitor patient health during the Coronavirus pandemic has increased dramatically!

Syml tackles the clinical time wastages identified within the UK NHS due to the existing manual-paper processes, saturated with risks of human errors and costs. Smart digitisation of the paper forms and their care-pathway incorporates logics for an intuitive data collection activity for clinicians and patients.

Creating simple, yet innovative solutions

The aim was to create simple, yet innovative solutions utilising modern available communication technology for a disruptive, enriched, caregiving and receiving experiences. The solutions are cohesive to deliver precise needs of the ‘users’ following their individual clinical workflows. They embrace the concept of connected care exploiting personal mobile device usage, which has taken over many aspects of our lives during the past decade and especially during 2020.

Close partnerships with highly skilled specialists and patient user groups were paramount to adopt a user-centric approach in bridging the patient-clinician communication gap utilising modern information technology, effectively.

Patient empowerment was a key deliverable. Generally, all data provided by patients are paper-based, jeopardising the quality of data collected, essential time delays and concerns on a significant amount of data not collected hindering identification of at-risk conditions.

Syml’s Patient engagement system, Patient+, was based on pre-assigned digital patient questionnaires, which the patients respond to, using their own devices while attending a clinic. The system seamlessly transfers the captured data into the patient’s digital records within the existing GP clinical system, enabling real-time data access to the clinician during the consultation.

The COVID-19 pandemic caused a dramatic rise in waiting lists and chronic condition monitoring, nationally. Patient+ Remote was developed to enhance a remote functionality, allowing patients to securely complete the same data capture process using their own digital devices from the comfort of their own homes. Uninterrupted monitoring and risk assessments delivered to all patients without compromising resources improves the clinical efficiency significantly.

Monitoring patients remotely, without compromising resources

The authentic ‘value-add’ lies within the data analysis capabilities. Syml’s powerful analytics and reporting software offers unique, insightful interactive data visualisations and data filtering. Clinicians speedily identify priority patients for early preventative interventions.

Looking ahead at healthcare delivery

In subsequent years, the emerging requirement to facilitate improved accuracy and efficiency in continued long-term patient health monitoring for prudent healthcare delivery still drives the determination of the company, ensuring co-production between all stakeholders and prioritised actions, based on exacting health needs.

remote patient monitoring, health

SymlConnect looks forward to continued and escalated growth with its current partners in the area of integrated Remote Patient-Clinician Communication, featuring personal wearable device integration and video consultations. Locating future opportunities within the UK and on a global scale, we welcome creative minds and proactive organisations to explore prospective projects for collaborative business growth.

remote patient monitoring, health

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