What are the side effects of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine?

side effects Johnson & Johnson vaccine, blood clot
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Here, we discuss some of the common misconceptions about side effects of the Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine

The Johnson & Johnson vaccine can create an efficacy of 66% in one dose, while mRNA vaccines like Pfizer need two doses to create strong enough protection. The vaccine can be kept at a standard fridge temperature for three months, then at -20°C for two years. This means that an existing cold supply chain can transport the vaccines.

The Johnson & Johnson vaccine is different to all others, as it only needs one dose to protect against COVID hospitalisation and death. It currently has Emergency Use Approval in the US.

A new note, added 12 July by the FDA, connects the vaccine to Guillain-Barré syndrome. Currently, it is 0.0008% likely that you will have this reaction, making this an extremely rare side effect.

However, the latest fears about blood clot risks may have damaged the perception of how safe this vaccine is. Here, we look at the science behind any existing side effects for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

1. What are the common side effects for Johnson & Johnson?

The general impact on the arm and body are the same as with other vaccines. With UK vaccination data on Pfizer and AstraZeneca, it seems that one fourth of people are getting side effects. Within that group, scientists found that if a person had previously had COVID-19, they would likely have stronger side effects. 

Usually, a fever or headache means that the immune system is accepting the new defences against the virus. The side effects of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine are a good sign.

In the arm:

  • Pain
  • Redness
  • Swelling/itching

In the body:

  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Rash
  • Nausea/vomiting
  • Headache/dizziness
  • Arthralgia
  • General itching
  • And fatigue

2. Will the Johnson & Johnson vaccine give me blood clots?

It is highly unlikely, but possible. 

There are currently 17 cases of blood clot out of 8 million doses given.

That’s a 0.002125% chance of experiencing a major blood clot, after taking the one-dose vaccine.

Though the US temporarily suspended use, the vaccine is back with a warning attached. However, Denmark decided to permanently suspend the vaccine.

It is more likely that birth control creates a life-threatening blood clot.

The side effects are happening in women between 18-48 years old, with symptoms coming six to 13 days after their vaccination. Those with low levels of platelets are more likely to be at risk.

The FDA ask that: “People who have received the J&J vaccine who develop severe headache, abdominal pain, leg pain, or shortness of breath within three weeks after vaccination should contact their health care provider.”

The full list of blood clot symptoms are:

  • shortness of breath
  • chest pain
  • leg swelling
  • persistent abdominal pain
  • neurological symptoms (including severe or persistent headaches or blurred vision)
  • easy bruising
  • tiny blood spots under the skin beyond the site of injection of the vaccine

3. Can Johnson & Johnson side effects make me infertile?


The Johnson & Johnson vaccine is not an mRNA vaccine, like Pfizer or Moderna. Both Pfizer and Moderna faced the suspicion that awaits a new type of vaccine – with people wondering if their DNA would be permanently changed, or if they would be able to create children after the vaccine.

In December, 2020, a German doctor and anti-vaccine supporter, begun to create a false link between syncytin-1 (an ingredient in the vaccine) and the human placenta. His argument was that they share genetic makeups, meaning that the vaccine could then attack the human placenta and make the body unable to carry a baby.

But this is impossible. The antibodies created after the vaccine are specifically coded to fight the virus and protect the human body. If the antibodies were to suddenly turn on the human body, this would have been spotted at Phase One, Phase Two and especially the huge Phase Three stage of clinical trials for every single COVID-19 vaccine.

When it comes to Johnson & Johnson, the ENSEMBLE study had participants that later went on to become safely pregnant.

So far, more than 30,000 pregnant women have taken the Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines. They reported no adverse side effects to the Center for Disease Control. Real-world Johnson & Johnson data is going to become available to the CDC soon.

4. Can I have an allergic reaction to the vaccine?


A severe allergic reaction would usually occur within a few minutes to one hour after
getting a dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

What are the symptoms of a severe allergic reaction?

  • Difficulty breathing;
  • Swelling of your face and throat;
  • A fast heartbeat;
  • A bad rash all over your body;
  • And dizziness and weakness.

Check if you have any problems with these ingredients:

  • Recombinant;
  • Replication-incompetent adenovirus type 26 expressing the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein;
  • Citric acid monohydrate;
  • Trisodium citrate dihydrate;
  • Ethanol;
  • 2-hydroxypropyl-β-cyclodextrin (HBCD);
  • And polysorbate-80, sodium chloride.

If you are not sure about a reaction you are having, please contact a healthcare professional. 


  1. Well I got the J&j vaccine on April 2 and on April 23rd I was diagnosed with blood clot in my leg. How many other people got blood clots that weren’t the cerebral kind which are the only ones being talked about. I’m sure there are others then just me.

  2. I got vaccine 4 days ago and have gastro problems.. Throwing up constipation, now diarrhea and passing some blood. Called Dr 8am. and got return call at 3:40… They suggested I go to ER.. Somewhat confused if it is emergency why wait 8 hours to notify me. Weather is terrible here got sick dog and now this.

  3. I received the J&J vaccine on April 9th, less than 2 hours later I was having severe pain in my hips and the back of my thighs. It is now May 22 and I still have the pain. I have been to the Doctors and they have me on nerve pain medication. So far there is no improvement. The only way I make it thur the day is to over dose on Advil.

    • Barbara, I am having the same pain in my hips and back. Most of my joints hurt, difficult to sleep with the hip pain, it is hard for me to walk without a limp. This started about 3 weeks after the J&J vacine shot and has lasted for several months now. I am 68 years old and have always been health conscious, prior to this I felt like I was in my 40s. Now I feel like I’m in my 80s. I have gone to my doctor, had a blood test, everything looked fine to him.

      • John, I had J&J 15 Aug 2021. A week or so later, I developed a slight pain in the left groin area. This has intensified to the point where the initial slight limp now has me needing a crutch to walk. I am having severe pain when I put weight onto my left leg as well as when I try to move my left leg forward. It seems as though my adductor muscles or their tendons have somehow been badly affected by the Covid vaccine. I hope it goes away soon as something as simple as sweeping the floor takes quite an effort because of the discomfort.

        • Omgoodness I’m experiencing this right now with shortness of breath, fever, pain in leg bones,esp shins, hips, Lower back. Headache. Difficulty focusing and talking. I live in turkey as a foreigner my insurance doesn’t cover the emergency visit

        • I have the same pain and does not getting better. My doctor recommended hip replacement surgery although does not look deteriorating to the point that needs surgery. Any suggestion from your doctor?I am 57 years old and never had any problems. This happened after j and j vaccine.

          • My husband and I took the j and j vaccine on St. Patrick’s Day 2021. I woke up in June with my groin area hurting and since then I’ve went from limping to using crutches. Couldn’t move my right leg hardly without pain. Drs thought nerve pain and gave me steroids which aggravated it more. X-rays showed nothing. All looked fine. After fighting with the insurance company they finally agreed to an MRI. Turned out, blood flow stopped, bone was dead, and I had to have complete right hip replacement. I was in stage 4. My left hip so far is stage 1. But will eventually have to be done also. I’ve never had any problems prior to the vaccine. My husband is having the GBS symptoms. Have your Dr request an MRI as this will show the orthopedic doctor what is going on for certain.

    • Hi John, I am having the exact same issues. Extreme headaches and even went to ER from “searching for words I already knew”. Just looking for clarity and wondering if anyone else is having these symptoms. How long after the vaccine did this start happening for you? Have you found a solution for the headaches or know what’s going on?


      • Marissa and John, yes, I have same problem with searching words and headache from the moment I received vaccine on 8.4.2021. My head hurts in the spot where it never did before. Pain started in the back where you can feel lymphatic nodes on the neck and continues up to my head, feels like stabbing or weird pressure. Still today, every day. After vaccine I felt disoriented, headache and pain in lymphatic nodes on my neck and under arms. For past three weeks I have pain from back side of my knee. My joints on my hands are swollen, feels like broken finger. I am sure my Dr. will tell me I am fine. I am the only one in my family who took the vaccine, because its work mandatory. I am sorry I did. I think my health will never be the same.

      • my husband and i had the the J&J jab, i was fine, he was mandown for 3 days with cold chivers and heavy headache. it is now 4 weeks later and he still has heavy headache, he says it is a pressure that hits his head when he stands up and in the afternoon he gets very tired /lethargic

        • I’ve got too many symptoms. But this pressure laying flat and getting up, bending over and laying down sideways. My heart and head feel they will explode. I’m 38.

  4. Where is a site to get real data? Just telling me no it won’t cause infertility doesn’t work for me it’s a new vaccine how is this known, where is the data? It has to be somewhere?

  5. I received J&J on 5/14/21. 2 hours later I started having SOB.The next day it got worse and I had to call 911 because I couldn’t breath. In ER I was diagnosed with pneumonia and was in the hospital for 7 days on oxygen because it would not stay above 87%. Today 6/4/21 I am still on 3% 24/7, dizzy, lightheaded also and can’t was for more that 10 feet.

  6. I had the Jenssen vaccin 14 days ago (June 2021) at the local Phamacie in France Eymoutiers. Obviously they are not as well practiced as a nurse. I felt a mild sensation but it had come straight from the fridge ! Side effects so far about the same as the annual flu vaccine which I also have in Septembre that is so say very mild to nothing. Have developed a slight stiffness in the arm, my left arm. This aches a lot at night so I take Ibrufen 400. Vaguly tired, a bit irritable but otherwise ok. Its very hot here at the moment 35*.

  7. One and done on June 11th, 2021. Did have pain in the right hip a few days later. My Covid long symptoms improved, not having problems breathing or catching my breath anymore.

  8. My friend currently sits in a hsptl. In Texas. Her future isn’t clear. She’s had severe brain damage, part of her skull had to be removed and she’s losing at minimum, 1 finger, possibly 2. All due to j&j vax, which led her to have blood clots, in brain and other areas, low platelets, adrenal glands hemorrhaging, brain swelling. She’s been in an induced coma for weeks. Now that they’ve brought her out of coma she remains unresponsive. Her eyes and limbs sometimes moving but believed to be involuntarily.
    Neurologist can’t say for sure just yet as to the extent of damage her brain has suffered.

    • With adenovirus vaccines, do they even bother to check your DNA for Chromosome-15 issues?
      I worry that these so-called vaccines may be an environmental trigger for activating Wet AMD. I also have allergies to Ethyl Alcohol, which is also in the mRNA shots, too. With those, I worry about spike proteins growing inside capillaries, causing pulmonary hypertension or brain changes.
      If you are messing with the protein, which can adhere to the ACE receptors, on your cells, what does it do to the receptors, and/or to the Angiotensin I and II hormones, and cell signaling process? Wouldn’t it affect the body’s inflammatory response and interfere with the healing process and overwork the heart and kidneys? This can be found in biology textbooks. Also, how do you stop adenoviruses from causing cancer and/or Guillain Barre syndrome, as any respiratory infection or vaccine has a chance of causing. P.S.: I already had COVID, and I also find myself drop-forgetting words, in the middle of sentences, too. WITHOUT the shots!

  9. Received J & J vaccine on 06/10/21. 4-5 hours after receiving vaccine experienced fatigue, headache and over all flu-like body ache. Day 2: Slight fever and lesser body ache. Day 3 PM: broke out in hives so bad I thought I had poison ivy. Neck, chest, stomach, back, arms, hands, legs and feet all covered in itchy hives. COuld not sleep and felt like my skin was on fire. Day 4,: Hives subsided in AM only to return in PM. This continued for four three more days, hives at night. For the following 2-3 days, hives would only return when I would go outside in the heat or when sweating. Would I get the J & J vaccine again? No. I have never had hives in my life before this vaccine, and something seems horrible wrong with the way it caused this kind of delayed skin reaction. If a booster or additional shot is necessary, I will wait until the FDA approves Covaxin.

  10. I am a 62-year-old woman and my name is Ana. I had no side effects after taking the shot in April 2021. I had natural immunity after having the Covid in January 2021 with very mild symptoms. The reason I went for the vaccine was that I had the long haulers and was having major anxiety, couldn’t sleep, had heart palpitations, trouble;e breathing so I went and got the shot. I did start feeling better.
    A few months later I have had skin that feels like ants are crawling all over me, fatigue and I can sleep 12 hours and feel totally unmotivated to do anything. I have always been a bit OCD and have had to have my house perfect but not anymore. I’m not sure what is going on but if anyone else is experiencing any of these symptoms please contact me.

    • I am 24 y/o, got the J&J vaccine one month ago… I´m also experiencing constant fatigue, sleepiness and no motivation, even if I sleep for a long time. I though it could be something else but after really thinking about it and checking up on myself, I believe it could be a long-term side effect of the vaccine.

  11. My grandson requested he get vaccinated so he got the JJ shot Less than 5hrs later he developed fever nausea chills with racing heart and high BP ( 163/103 and his hr was107 he also passed out twice I want to let people know about this He just had his 23rd BD. He still has problems Note he got the shot last week of April . I had to bring him to Er 3 times!!! Where they tried to tell him he has Anxiety!!

  12. Received shot yesterday on 7/28/21 – arm a little sore – no side effects. Taking a low dose of bayer asprin just in case of blood clots.

  13. Afternoon, I got j&j on the 7th of May 2021, since then was not well it started with headache, dizziness, coughing, on the 1st of June I tested for covid19 because I was not getting better but I tested negative. I continued being sick symptoms adding difficult breathing, no smell no taste, sore throat, I tested positive for covid19 on the 7th of July 2021, the biggest problem now my hand where I got vaccinated it’s vibrating & become numb, once or twice a day. Yesterday on the 1st of August 2021 my Son was having a magnet I said let Me see this trick people are saying about magnet sticking where there’s vaccine, surprisingly the magnet stick. My only trust now is God because I don’t know what is happening really

  14. I have developed itchy, red, inflamed eyes within 48 hours of receiving the J&J vaccine. The skin around the eyes feels burned and sore like a bad sunburn. My eye’s white areas turn pinkish and clear up a little then turn pinkish again. The corners of each eye burn, sting and itch constantly. There is a gooey, slimy discharge and tears constantly coming from both eyes and mornings have been finding my eyes sealed shut with discharge. I get blurred vision as if the natural lubricant of my eyes has gotten thickened and lobbed up at times in my field of vision. My eyelids go from normal to puffy and swollen. `there are irregular pink patches of skin around and under the eye and eyelid that burn feel tender like a sunburn as well. Allergy eye drops and regular eyedrops provide some temporary minor relief. Ibuprofen and tylenol and Alive do not seem to have any effect. i am now on day 3 of these side-effects. I have never had anything like this before and must assume it is somehow linked to the vaccine. Contacting my doctor today for help. I know this is better than gasping for air on a respirator but jeeez, this ain’t exactly a cake walk when your vision is affected, you look like a wino that someone threw hot grease into their eyes.

    • Hi Donald,

      Got my vaccin 2 days ago. 3rd day my eyes were itchy all day, then at night, the left one turn red. I guessed it was a symptome.
      But tell me are you still having it?


    • Dave here from NY. I have the same eye problem. 1 week after the jj shot. Its been over a month now. 3 days ago I went to the local urgent care and got drops for conjunctivitis. Day 3 of the drops and not much relief.

  15. I would like to know if anyone is having high blood pressure, my mom got the J&J vaccine a couple of months ago and is now having high blood pressure. My mom has never had high blood pressure and it does not run in our family. She is now on high blood pressure medications.

    • My wife got the J&J vaccine 2 months ago and she never had high blood pressure issues. I know because she always bragged at me since I do. Now her blood pressure seems to be all over the place. One minute she is above 140/90, next minute down to 110/70. This is daily and she is not doing anything different.

      • Yes my blood pressure, which has always been low is now up and down. I also have swollen feet and lower legs, extreme fatigue and at times total energy collapse. My doctor just prescribed a chest x-ray to check for an enlarged heart. I have never had weakness, pain and fatigue like this. Mine started about 2 weeks after getting the J&J in May of 2021

        • I received the J+J shot on March 18, 2021. My BP has always been high 140/90 at 67 years old.
          Meds brought that down acceptably until late September when it suddenly spoked to 200/100. My new Lisinopril dose has me extremely dizzy and bumping into walls.

    • Hi Tom Lister
      Yes I got the j and j vaccine on 0 4/07/21. I have had controlled high blood pressure for 40 years now they can not bring my pressure down. First they doubled my prescription then they changed it then doubled that, then changed it added additional med witch I could not tolerate it., so they changed it again that didn’t work so they doubled it, again no luck so they are sending me to another doctor on Nov 3rd. The story continues. Tony Val

      • Hi Tony I received my J & J shot April 21st 2021. I have history of multiple sclerosis, a small vessel blood clotting disorder, high blood pressure, which has been under control for many years, Meniere’s disease, I’ve needed a hip replacement for a very long time due to a very physically demanding job. That being said a nurse came to my home with the J & J vaccination I asked her if she thought it was safe due to a blood clotting disorder. Her response was no problem. I actually felt good for the first 2 weeks. I started noticing the subtleties or subtleties to me because I have so many things going wrong it was like trying to figure out a rubix cube. It started with something called a looped bowel syndrome, which in return would not let him know you’re in some I left lower lobe of my lung. My heart has been suffering from tachycardia and bradycardia and I never have a day when I don’t feel like I’m crawling out of my skin the anxiety is awful. After a positive Holter monitor test they could not find anything remarkable with my heart. Yet my blood pressure is always 200 / 138 never much lower anymore even with my meds. My anemia has gotten worse my white platelets have drop even lower, my blood oxygen level is down, but it’s 97 when they use the pulse ox on my finger?! mind you I’ve never had covid. I’ve had fatigue for many years and I take medication for it. I swear I need a crane to come and lift me out of the bed. Nights are horrendous I feel like a baby who has my days and nights mixed up. I feel like my kidneys are going to come out of my back and my side. The throbbing in my veins have now gone all the way down my left calf and to my toes and I have what feels like swollen veins lymph glands and cysts all throughout my Lumbar and sacrum area. I have a big pouch in the back of my neck. Every time I take my blood thinners I wonder if I’m going to wake up the next day. I am still waiting for three more series a test. The hospitals are so overwhelmed they sent me home while they were still questioning whether I was going to have a stroke or not. This is a true statement my CNA was with me. I sympathize with all of you this cannot be a fluke thing. I realize some of this is due to my Ms but the J & J wreak havoc throughout my whole body and now the doctors are all scratching their heads. I think it’s a no-brainer and I feel alone and helpless now.

    • I got the J&J vaccine April 8 2021 at the end of June 2021 I found that my blood pressure was sky rocketing like 170/100 high blood pressure does run in my family but I didn’t have any problems until the covid shot…not to mention also having problems with elevated heart rate!

    • It happened to me too. Also my pulse went from the 70s to high 90s. It took nearly a year for me to get it under control with meds
      I asked my doctor if the vaccine was repo sublet. Her answer was “could be”. Guess I wasn’t the only patient with this side effect

    • Wow, I’m having issues too. I’m 61, never had high blood pressure in my life. Started having very high bp last year (had J&J in May 2021). Now getting irregular (AFIB) heart notifications on watch. On low does BP med and still having issues with High BP. Always been healthy, exercise daily and now this.

  16. i am 26 after j&j vaccine first night was like crazy couldn’t sleep my body was shivering with pain now after a week headache and body pain is my Best friend . i wish i didn’t get that vaccine . never had any fever and symptoms before vaccine now i feel weak .

  17. J and J Vaccine on Aug. 9, 2021….No problems AT ALL UNTIL DAY 4,5,6….Flu-like Symptoms (and I have only had the Flu once in my entire life) Days 7 and 8 were not as bad but suddenly, on day 9, my neck and the left side of my face is NUMB…the numbness is extended to the “gums of my teeth”, also on the left side. Slightly feel dizzy with a tingling sensation around my mouth as the morning progresses. I am normally in excellent health, never “get sick” so this feeling of “un-well” is foreign to me. Praying for everyone…with or without the vaccine….

    • I got the J&J 4/6/21. A month or so later to this day my lower lip is somewhat numb, gums swell a little bit between teeth, some scattered tooth pain, slight numbness in mouth. How long did yours last?

  18. Hi, I’m Gloria….I got my J&J March 4,2021. No side effects. I’m June I started having breathing problems. They are getting worse. I can’t do normal things as before. I’m 73 years old. I already have bad lungs nothing like now. Does anyone else have the same effects months later?

  19. If you are reading this, stand firm do not compromise your body.DON”T DO IT!!!!
    I am 62 Years old woman, healthy, take vitamins, eat clean, work out…PS I was forced, pressured by my job.
    I have been sick for 4 days, I had covid, I had 583 count antibodies, it was against my judgment.
    My body is aching all over, cills, tired but no sleep in 3 days, no appetite, headaches my arm is stiff joints, lions, the body feels weird.
    It is not FDA-approved, it is your body! too many side effects!!I wish I read the reviews before getting any shot!

  20. I had the J&J vaccine on 3/6/21. Several weeks later I had shocking lab results, indicative of renal failure. I have not seen any other reports of this and would like to know if others experienced this. Thanks, Linda, in NM,

  21. Im Sandile Fakudze vaccinated three weeks back. I feel dizzy and tired everyday. Please help, always feel like sleeping.

    • I also am dizzy and always tired everyday. I received my J&J back in March. I know another who also is going through what you and I are. She also got the J&J vaccine. Now they want us to get another??????

  22. appx 2 weeks after J&J on 3/31/20, I began feeling an odd feeling in my thigh/hip/buttocks, mild but a bit strange, and it continued to intensify bit by bit, so here I am 8/23/21 having been somewhat incapacitated for several weeks off and on. a month ago I began a landscape project that pushed me over the edge, somehow my lower back pain from work merged? into my hip, and so I limp on a good day, otherwise the pain can reach levels similar to having a kidney stone, bringing me to my knees, I know!…Do I blame J&J or the physical work that was doing??? perplexed ! am now reading about gullian-barre’ syndrome, go figure

  23. Had my J&J Jab on the 28th of August its my 3 day since and i felt okay yesterday morning then became extremely tired, today i felt also okay and again very weak, my stomach and chest is burning feels like i drank steaming hot water as it is burning, eyes are red and burns alot hopefully it will subside with time

  24. I wish i had gone through this reviews before letting my pregnant wife take j&j vaccine shots yesterday. She’s been having severe abdominal pains for the past 9 hrs. I pray nothing bad happens to her.

  25. Well I am convinced now not to take this vaccine!!! Getting the virus probably is a
    bigger risk for my wife and I but we are currently healthy so we aren’t going to risk it!!! We already had the virus I am sure if that!!! Good Luck and thanks for your comments!!!

  26. I had my vaccine early March about 3 weeks later my Dimer test came back elevated for blood clot had leg bruising swollen nothing found on ultrasound. Beginning of April now I have been diagnosed with Hyperthyroid. Sounds crazy but where I had the injection my arm tends to get hot..

  27. did any one have tingling sensations and bones pain that comes and goes but is still there weeks after the shot and is sometimes stronger espacialy in fingers and toes hands and anckles ?

  28. I had j j 8/27. Just sore arm at first. 9/5 I started intestinal pain. It has gotten pretty severe and cant button my pants because of the pain. I do have a preexisting FAP and have no colon with a j pouch. The swelling and intense pain is still here on 9/9. Not sure I should have gotten any shot with the FAP. My daughter had the phizer and actually had different symptons at first and had the abdominal issues also. She also has the FAP and pouch. She may not get the second shot in fear that the symptoms may be worse. She thinks that it is the protein used in the vaccine that is giving us the problem.

  29. Got the J and J shot AUG 26 Got very bad belly pains and my intestings hurt Won,,t Take any more I am 90 years old Two much for me I hope it will go away soon I need a month to feel better

  30. Got J&J two weeks ago, and have had weird tingling in my hands, feet, face and head on and off ever since. First time it happened I freaked out because I thought maybe I was having a stroke. I also feel nauseous periodically after I eat. Went to the doctor yesterday and she basically just scoffed at me like it couldn’t be the vaccine and implied I just have anxiety.

    • it’s not anxiety ,i had that too now it’s been 29 days and i still have muscle pain that comes in goes in whole body doctors also told me it’s anxiety but it’s not it’s the vaccin and many people are having this problem for mounths and the worst part is that no one seems to answer what did the vaccin harm in our bodies that it’s causing this

  31. My son is 48 had the jaj vaccine after 4weeks still has weekness in arm of vaccine and foggy in head. Is this serious as it is third world country and I’m in Australia thank you Jenny

  32. I had the J and J shot over 3 months ago and continue to have tingling and loss of feeling in feet and hands, along with darkened and bulging veins that started about 3 days after I got the vaccine. I never had any of these issues before and was in great health. The doctors just say I’m getting older. They got that right. I think the vaccine aged me about 10 years on one week. The “free” vaccine has so far cost me about $3000 in useless medical care.

    • Same thing here Greg, I had it on August 5, tingling and numbness in feet and hands, and I too was in great health before I got that shot

    • Me too! Got it in May 2021, now have high blood pressure, irregular heart beat, arms go numb all night long, feet have shooting/electrical like pains at times. I’m 62,, always been healthy except for asthma (which they pushed m e to get this as I am asthmatic). Lo and behold, in worse shape now than ever. Awful. Now on high bp meds and it still goes high.

  33. I had the Johnson and Johnson shot back in March 2021, I was just diagnosed with Covid 9/14/2021, I have all the symptoms except for the fever, the one symptom that no one tells you that you get is an awful rash that brings out an awful feeling, itchy, burning and it looks like big welts on your body. It is not a good feeling and then it starts burning and feel like your feet, hands and ears are on fire.

  34. Hello,
    It’s my 3rd day after vaccine, I had a very slight fever and body aches… today my ankle got a bit swollen and hurts when I walk and my hands/ fingers joints are hurting. Anyone developed this the third day? How long did it stay? I’m getting worried

  35. I got the J&J back on 5/12/21. After about 3 weeks my feet and lower legs are constantly swollen, badly swollen. I also have fatigue, fall asleep at any time and have severe energy crashes where I also can sleep for 18 hours in a 24 hour period and while awake feel like I am drugged. Can’t follow conversations, can’t remember words or names of people or things. Every day is a challenge. My Dr has ordered a chest x-ray to rule out an enlarged heart, which could mean heart failure.

    • I had a heart monitor for 24 hours. They have no answers. I also had chest X-rays for my lungs…nothing.The J &J has me almost unable to function on a daily basis. How can I get the second after all this? I walk like someone that is starting to walk. It’s a horror!

  36. Hi it’s now 3:13am I’ve been up for the past 3hrs these ppl forced me to take this jnj vaccine now it’s about 3weeks and in the nights when I try to get out of bed under my left foot as I step down it hurts like hell my arms cramp up. I am up because my left hip hurts like hell if I try pulling back my leg i get some real excruciating pain awwwwww pain just tried it.They know nothing about the side effects or they just dont care just trying to test it on human subjects.

  37. I am about to take the J&J vaccine. Reading from all the side effects I am confused about whether to proceed or change my mind and not taking it. Vaccination is optional in my workplace. Any recommendations from those who have taken take the J&J vaccine?

  38. I had the J & J on Sept 1 24 hours later I had fever headache body aches and soreness at the injection site. I went on to have what I thought was cellulitis but after research found to have Covid arm . It took 3 weeks for this to resolve. I now have bouts of nausea, headaches, fatigue and muscle & joint pain. I have a very rapid heart rat
    e at times as well.

  39. I had the J&J on 2 August. Day 5 the chills and headache started. On day 10 severe headache and swlling of eyes and nose. Eyes red and watery. Dr prescribed 2 different types of antihestamines as well as cortico steriods and it help only a bit. I take a break after 5 days with the swelling and every time I do, the swelling gets very bad. It is now 25 September

  40. I vaccinated last week Tuesday .. I was dizzy and a bit weak after 2 days or so it vanished ….This Thursday of the 23 September I woke up dizzy again and little bit of headech …what should I do now …my noise a bit dry

    • I had one back in March and I’m still dizzy…..light headed and get migraine headaches. I walk like I have no balance at all. It’s a horrible way to Iive. I’ve gone through so many tests and all doctors are saying it is from the vaccine.ugh. Now they ay we need another!!!!! UGH

  41. I am an 86 year old woman in good health. I do not take medications because I do not need them. I take natural supplements. I tllk the J & J vaccine September 13 with no reaction. A week later I developed acne with itching on my back which I have never had before. I have not had a change in my diet or anything else that I do. My yearly checkup at the dermatologist is in two weeks. Will see what he has to say about this. I still have the acne with new breakouts.

  42. I got the J & J a month ago , 47 male in good health . After 3 weeks I have severe stomach issues including diarrhea and very fatigued

      • got J and J 8/31/21 mandated for work. It was against my better judgment. Not feeling right, unable to finish meal because of “new” stomach issues. Feels like I ate a bowl of clay and is just sitting under my ribs. Also got pneumonia with one week. Never ever again

  43. I got the Johnson and Johnson vaccine in March of 2021 now I’m a total mess. I walk as If I’m a boxer My steps are like I’m a duck. . I have other ways to explain how I feel. I feel like my legs aren’t my own!

    • Jenn,
      I got J&J in March 2021. The pain I have now is unreal. I’m a very active 56 year old. Walked 10 miles in 1 day in Australia 2 years ago pain free. Now I can hardly get around. This started about 3 months ago, and has gotten worse. A month ago I had severe pain in my left arm, and now it’s working it’s way down my right arm. My legs hurt so bad that when I walk they feel like they are going to seize up. my doctor put me on nerve pain medication a month ago. It’s doing nothing. He ordered lab work to see if I have RA. Results will be ready this Friday.

  44. I had the J and J on Sept 21, no pain, no sore arm, nothing, until day 13. then it felt like my arm was torn off, so much pain. started to get ready to call 911 since I did not know if it was the vaccine or a heart attack or stroke. got on the computer to check out symptoms. that was 8 days ago and i still have arm pain. but not like the day day 13 pain, that was excruciating. was hoping the pain would be gone by now.

  45. Hi I got the J and J vaccine 09/02/21 against my wishes I was forced to do so or lose my job. The first few days were a bit rough felt feverish , mind was cloudy, dizziness just not well. Since the vaccine I’ve had severe fatigue, heavy menstrual cycle, light headed, and shortness of breath. I have had very mild asthma in the past and I’ve used an inhaler very rarely throughout the year. Over the last 4 days my shortness of breath has gotten worse I could barely get out of bed to use restroom without nearly passing out. Reached out to Dr. tells me severe asthma symptoms. Today I’m on 2 steroids and I now have three inhalers but I still have heavy breathing and shortness of breath. I’ve never felt so unlike myself in my entire life. I feel so off.

  46. Hi I had the J&J vaccine on the 1st of October, i was healthy, despite having a little cough here and there, now its been 3weeks and during that period, i have the the following the symptoms:
    1, Mild Headaches/ High Fever at 2-4am / the flu / cough / dry throat /
    2. short period of sharp consistent abdominal pains/ joint aches
    3. Shortness of breath/ coughing of mucus / blocked nose from mucus
    And now I’ve moved forward to diarrhea.

    I’m just feeling like mess right now.

  47. Hello,
    My symptoms started 8 days after the J&J. Very fatigued, limbs heavy, mental fog. Had an episode of mental confusion, hand tingling and shaking, pulse racing so much that I thought I was having a stroke while I was driving on the highway. Went to doctor, took an EKG and sent me to the ER as they thought I was going to have a heart attack due to abnormal findings.
    Once at the ER I was subjected to a litany of tests… EKG, CT Scan and X-Ray of heart and lungs and blood work. Only thing they found was a low level of Potassium.
    I am now on a 2 week Heart Monitor from the follow up Cardiologist and will do an ultrasound in 3 weeks, he did not find anything abnormal at my initial visit or from the ER.
    I have noticed my face pale some mornings, no desire to motivate myself for the day and a unease of my mental abilities to comprehend my surroundings. Its almost as if I am just here. Pressure in chest/heart area and feel myself trying to catch my breath.
    Will be visiting my primary care physician tomorrow.
    I am 54 years old, 130lbs and 5’3″ I walk 20 miles/5 days a week and eat well and used to feel great. Now I feel that there is something SERIOUSLY wrong and am terrified to have another episode like I did.

    I took the vaccine to support my husband as he is required by American Airlines to take Covid vaccine or lose his job.
    He has not had any symptoms like me, rather he felt like he had Covid a second time 2 days after taking the vaccine.

  48. I’m only on day nine after the j&j one shot. The first five days were miserable. The last four have leveled off but I’m still feverish and light headed. Is there anything that can be done to alleviate the symptoms?

  49. I had the J&J shot on March 13. One month later my blood pressure stayed over 200/108 for days. Admitted through ER. Dr couldn’t determine the cause. Potassium dangerously low requiring pills and IVs. IVs hurt. Never tested for COVID. Was never asked if I had the Vax. COVID never mentioned. I was in hospital about 4 mo ths later for a fall. Potassium still low.

  50. Hi, I’m Dorothy from Kenya. I had the J&J vaccine on the 17th of September 2021, had the first side effects chills, dizzying episodes with joint pain, but that cleared. Then missed my period with a 35day delay. Now I have high blood pressure, in the horizons of 181/107, 179/102, 173/102, the lowest has been 156/90. I have never had blood pressure issues before, I’m overly tired, my heartbeat is all over the place. Loss of appetite, and generally feeling lethargic.
    I led a fairly normal life, now I’m in and out of hospital for issues I never experienced before.

  51. I had the J&J vaccine in June. I now have hypertension, headaches and cognitive issues. My BP has been as high as 188/110. I sometimes forget easy words and can’t spell simple ones. I also have moments where I don’t speak correctly. All my lab work comes back normal. I’ve been on 2 different kinds of meds for hypertension and still have break through episodes. I didn’t have these issues prior to June.

  52. 3/12/21 I GOT THE J&J VACCINE SHOT. That night my legs froze up stiff as a board. Breathing problems, hcest pain, swollen foot very weak headaches probably more but couldnt feel much from heavy pain. this lasted a week then got to where I could walk around a bit. I found VAERS site 3 weeks later & made a report. As of today, I have been througfh 8 Doctors & 2 ER visits here in So. TEXAS and non of them believe me on the connection between vaccine & side effects. They just do simple tests all of them & say your fine while my body says i’m dying. The swelling, pain, headaches move around & intensify. I”M STILL ALIVE BUT LOSING THE BATTLE EVERYTIME IT RECYCLES I LOSE GROUND. Last week 11/3/21 my left arm started hurting with stiffness & pain. A storm came in the next day so I thought arthriris. It lasted 3 days. 24hrs after that, I woke up from severe pain in my right arm the one i type,write with. it is like a knife slitting a deep cut from shoulder to fingers mostly forarm. no strength very little control. i have to keep it still or pain increases. i’m taking as much pills as i can finally passing out to sleep an hour or so. i cant work or even do chores. i live alone. my weaknesses, cancer, radiation i soaked up on treatments “97”, diabetes. im 59 now. i cant get any doctor to even believe me on vaccine side effects. they wont even talk to me after mentioning. i’m losing the battle sklowly if it ever attacks my heart i’m done for. i feel it moving around in me. i atleast squeezed a handicap parking tag out last week from the doctor that i insisted the tag and a neurology specialist. i didn’t leave unbtil i got them. i now am waiting weeks for appointment. i live in country and office is 62 miles away. going to be very hard i cant even make it to shopping 12 miles i pass out when bearly making it back. i lost my right hand and that is bad. now starting to panic. its getting worse and i’m weakening down. i have no idea what tests or even a good place to go that realizes connection. hope neurologist understands or i’m sunk. SORRY. I SUCK AT TYPING LEFTY.

    • I was like you. I turned the corner with Ivermec… and a diuretic. I relapsed again, but it know some solutions. I gained 30lbs of fluid weight in 2 weeks. So many test, ER visits, and doctors appointments. The doctors who believe me have their hands tied.

    • Oh My gosh – I had that leg freeze thing in the middle of the night sooo Bad. Entire leg – couldn’t even stand on it the pain was so bad. My husband said, Oh you are having a Charlie horse? I was like no, this is not like a Charlie horse I’ve had in feet/calf. Nothing like it ever. It’s happened to me twice now. Along with sudden high bp, heart racing, numbness in arms at night. Pure BS what this J&J vax is doing to people. Awful. I couldn’t describe the leg pain until I just saw your post!

  53. For those who have been having ANY issue with the J & J vaccine, a website to follow may help. Others, including the Moderna and Pfizer vaccine recipients, have had many issues with these vaccines, some go into detail how they are handling issues.
    Vestibular.org is the site and Vaccine Side Effects is the forum.

  54. I’m very fit, workout almost daily, play sports, eat almost all natural organic food, don’t drink. Got the J&J on 9/4/21. Worked out the day after and got one of the strongest headaches I’ve had in my life (I never get headaches), so I waited a few days to workout, when I did, another headache, almost as bad. Over the last few months, It has reduced in intensity but still every night I have headaches now, I can’t stay out too late without headache basically forcing me to go home and rest. It also comes throughout the day sometimes after workouts. I refuse to stop trying to be active. I have tried PT, antibiotics for maybe sinus infection, I don’t like pain killers so I don’t take those. My primary care doesn’t believe it’s the vaccine when clearly it is. I’ve never had headaches, almost zero my entire life and now every night I have one. If anyone knows how to get this thing out of our system please let me know, I would do anything to rid my body of this poison. What a mistake, don’t get it.

    • Hi,

      Hope you are well. Thanks for posting this, because I can relate to your posted article. Had my J&J vaccine 9 days ago and now I’m living with headaches caused by raised blood pressure. Never had any headaches and high blood pressure, just because I’m active, running, going to gym and etc. Everyday I’m having a headache which takes away part of my energy and focus.

      Yesterday was in hospital due to my headaches – did a blood test, urine test and computed tomography for my head (brains and head overall). Blood and urine results are good, nothing seems wrong and in tomography they couldn’t find any issues, seems brain and blood vessels are in good condition. At the beginning I thought – blood cloths or something is causing my headaches, but as it seems at the moment I was wrong. (That is kind positive side – no blood clots).

      Doctors pre-scribed me pills to lower my blood pressure as it rises up 150 / 100 and I can feel how my head “pulsating”. Never had any issues with blood pressure and now I have to deal with it. Fuck those pills, I’m not gonna use them. Doctors declined fact that my increased blood pressure is from vaccine, reason from their side – stress and overworking. I’m 29 and now having health issues I never had before.

      I’m not drinking coffee anymore and trying to avoid anything that would increase my blood pressure.

      Trying to workout as much as I can to possibly sweat out this vaccine, but I’m not sure will it happen.

      How you are doing? Still experiencing the headaches? Or maybe you found some solution?

      • Please read my reply and dont exercise. You will raise your bp and have a heart attack. It will leave your system…it took me 3 months but Im a vegan and ate my regular food. I dont smoke and drink a beer a month or so. Only took the meds for three months. Let me know how you are doing please.

        • I had my vaccine yesterday, i felt fine just tired. I awoken by pain right around my weist, lower back pain and abdominal pain going right down my legs. Im struggling to sleep as the pain is too much. I hope the pain wears off by tomorrow.

    • Hi T ….It’s been 3 and half months since I had the J and J Vac and have had exactly the same symptoms as you have had inclusive of High Blood Pressure….and it ‘s always been low! And…I also am having headaches all day and night….and I never have had headaches ….EVER! I will absolutely NOT be getting a booster…..no way in hell…..Please let me know if you find a solution to rid this poison from the body! L

  55. A little while after I got my J&J vaccine I went to the allergist and my blood pressure was 180/160 when it is usually 110/70. I was told to go to the emergency room. I went to the va hospital but I wasnt seen in an hour and urgent care was full. This was April 2021. I got a blood pressure gauge and went home. My blood pressure continued and I had really bad back pain and was taken to the hospital. One mile from the hospital all pain stopped but my blood pressure continuted. The VA put me on bp medicine. I was pissed because I am a vegan and I should have high BP. I was told I was getting older. Two weeks older? Both my doctor and nurse were on BP medicine and I was told I will probably be on it for the rest of my life. I said bullshit. I WILL be off it in about three months. My bp was still an issue at 2.5 months. At three months my bp was 90/60 and went to the doctor. They then took me off the bp medicine and I have been back to normal now. I had covid in July 2020 and after my vaccine several coworkers came down with both strains of covid, one is still out in the hospital and came into my office several times sick as a dog but she thought it was the flu. If you try to report this the government phone number you wait eight hours and get hung up on when they close. There would be thousand or millions more complaints if you could voice your complaint. This entire system is so messed up. The people I work with wont get vaccinated and I work with truckers who wont wear masks and travel all over the US. We also have a lot of foreign drivers so Im always at risk. Arizona has the highest number of covid right now….Im not surprised . My brother in NY wont wear a mask or get the vaccine and got the second strain. If he wont wear a mask….he should try wearing a bra. Wearing a mask is nothing.

  56. I got the same symptoms as everyone else mild
    Headaches, severe hips & knee pain , rectal bleeding in stool! I got the J&J 1 shot” 3 months ago and still in a lot of pain which I never had before getting the J & J vaccine on Sept 24
    I feel like an old man I’m 63 & use to run & work out all the time. Now I’m Sad & afraid
    I might not be walking if the pain persist

  57. August 26, 2021: I decided to get the J & J after seeing my coworkers have many significant side effects. I was forced to get vaccinated because of my job in the health care field. I didn’t have many side effects initially. Just a headache for a day. But I started getting severe chest pain and shortness of breath. I figured it was stress and anxiety. At my checkup, my BP was high. My doctor assumed I was anxious and I started anxiety meds. No change and started monitoring BP at home. It was so high, I was in “stroke territory” my doctor said. My heart rate is also very high with irregular beats. I started BP meds. I had 3 rounds of blood work, an EKG, and chest Xray; all were fine. My echo just showed some stiffening of my aortic valves, and I’m waiting to see cardiologist.
    I was a healthy 40 year old woman prior to the vaccine. No meds. I don’t ever drink or smoke. I exercise daily and eat healthy. I’m not overweight. Now I’m on 5 different meds and barely getting through my days. I have many other weird symptoms but my biggest concern is my heart. I’m thankful my doctor recognizes it is the vaccine. I’m relieved to see other people posting the same things. And yet I’m so sad and angry for all of us.

  58. Unfortunately no long term trials were done. We are the long term trial. Hopefully we’ll all be ok 10 years from now. Possibilities are cancers, necrosis from blood clots, Alzheimer’s. But at least we may be less likely to experience minor symptoms from covid19.

  59. Received J & J Nov 22,2021. Severe fatigue still 3 1/2 months later. Never had Covid through this whole ordeal but this exhaustion is a killer. I can sleep 16 hours a day. Still exhausted – it’s not enough. It hard to put one foot in front of the other! I’m only 50 way too young for this vaccine to make me feel so old!!!

  60. Had the J&J jab to keep a job on 11/5/21 . Didn’t want to screw with my dna.

    My Blood Pressure has always been good.
    All of the sudden it is all over the place.
    Ended up in Hospital in May, when it jacked up to triple digits each!!!
    Had incident of Global Transient Amnesia. 14 hours I will never remember.
    I feel like crap generally and having the worst fog brain.. .
    My QOL (Quality of Life) has certainly dropped. But hey, I gotta job!!!!!

  61. I had J&J over a year ago in left arm. My entire arm hurts so damn bad and feels heavy . Has anyone else experienced this?

  62. This article is incorrect. 17 cases of blood clotting in eight million doses is 0.000002125 which means the blood clots occurred in 2125 MILLIONENTHS OF A PERCENT of the doses. This is infinitesimally small. Remember the J&J was a one shot non-MRNA vaccine developed with traditional methods. This means two things: 1. Big Pharma only made half as much $ because the MRNA developed shots (Pfizer, et all) require two shots. 2.) J&J was gaining in popularity because it was traditionally developed and only required one shot. So our government put out the 17 blood clots in 8 million doses as happening in 2125 THOUSANDATHS OF A PERCENT (0.002125) of the doses (this is the false percentage published in this article). This difference between 0.000002125 of 1 percent and 0.002125 of one percent is 1000% in itself, so this was VERY VERY misleading to use 0.002125 instead of the actual 0.000002125. Personally, I took the J&J shot and had no side effects whatsoever. If the masses understood that MRNA is the messenger service that’s naturally a part of their human DNA, then they would likely take pause about getting the MRNA shots. I believe this was happening and that’s why the J&J traditional vaccine was becoming popular. Big Pharma can’t let that happen so it ask for the government’s help to torpedo the J&J vaccine.

  63. I got my vaccine in October of ‘21. Had my annual stress test/ ECG/ Physical for work around the beginning of the year with no issues. Recently had another physical done and found my blood pressure to be high. 175/90 high end and 140/80 lower end. I workout regularly and don’t eat too bad. I never have any headache or any other issue.

  64. Healthy self employed working 60 hour work weeks with 10 years before retirement. Within 1 week post JJ vax, the trajectory of my entire life changed. 4 ER visits with 1 being sent by clinic to hospital via ambulance. BP in 200 range, chest pain, weakness, etc. I’m 19 mo post vax, retired from self employment, autoimmune phenomenon caused by vax and living in daily pain. Trying everything under the sun and finding some improvement, but if I could go back to the day before the vax, I would pay anything for that day.


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