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UK Cannabis Industry – the next Scottish Whisky

Nick Morland, Tenacious Labs CEO, All-Party Parliamentary Group for CBD Products Secretariat, Jersey Cannabis Services Advisory Board Chair, writes about the UK Cannabis Industry – could this be the next Scottish Whisky?
weed strain, indica

Do labels efficiently tell you what’s in your weed strain?

Research finds that labels on weed often fail to adequately reflect products' chemical make-up and components of the weed strain.
cannabis plants, Thailand

Thailand gives out one million free cannabis plants to promote legalisation

One million homes will be given cannabis plants across Thailand, to mark the legalisation and attract foreign tourists – to be used for ‘medicinal purposes’ only.
uk cbd industry, medical cannabis

Shifting sands in the UK CBD industry

Senior Associate David Hardstaff and Partner John Binns of BCL Solicitors explore shifting sands in the UK CBD industry.
legalised marijuana, prescription drugs

Legalised marijuana decreases prescription drug use

Recreational and medicinal legalised marijuana can reduce demand for prescription drugs, via state Medicaid programmes.
medical cannabis cancer

Medical cannabis & the future of cancer treatments   

Dr Stephen Barnhill MD, CEO of Apollon Formularies Plc, examines medical cannabis and the future of cancer treatments across the UK and the European healthcare sectors.
animal cbd products

Are animal CBD products safe?

Suzette Smiley-Jewell, PhD & Pamela J. Lein, PhD from the University of California, Davis, explore the extent to which animal CBD products are safe
medical cannabis eu

Medical cannabis-based treatments: Research, production & distribution

Prof Trevor M Jones charts the priorities for research and development, production and distribution of medical cannabis-based treatments
Medical cannabis bill

The UK’s doomed Medical Cannabis (Access) Bill

Senior Associate, David Hardstaff and Partner, John Binns of BCL Solicitors LLP, explore the UK’s doomed Medical Cannabis (Access) Bill
hemp compounds, COVID-19 virus infection

How can hemp compounds block the COVID-19 virus infection?

Research demonstrates the ability to prevent COVID-19 from entering human cells through cannabinoid acids binding to a SARS-CoV-2 protein, blocking infection from the virus.
CBD and Depression

Researching CBD oil for depression

CBD has wide-ranging benefits, but what about its effects on depression? Here, we find out what the research shows from Oils by Simpson of 2012.
cannabis sleep duration, sleep extremes

How does cannabis use affect sleep duration?

Recent cannabis use has been shown to affect extremes of nightly sleep duration, being either less than six hours or more than nine hours, with more intense patterns among heavier users.
OILSBYSIMPSON - Cannabis Oil for health and wellbeing

Oils By Simpson™ – Cannabis Oil for better health

At OilsBySimpson we provide the highest quality of organic full-spectrum cannabis oil products, and the best customer service.
perinatal women

A sharp rise in cannabis use in perinatal women

A study finds that perinatal women are increasingly using cannabis due to the absence of consistent counselling from healthcare professionals.
cannabidiol (CBD)

TIGRR: Is it a wonderful thing for the UK’s Cannabis Industry?

BCL Solicitors LLP ask if a new report should put a spring in the step of UK businesses with an interest in medicinal cannabis and cannabidiol (CBD).
treat type 2 diabetes, cbd oil

Can cannabidiol treat Type 2 diabetes?

Delve into the story of Kevin Simpson, who used Cannabidiol (CBD) to treat Type 2 Diabetes.
cbd for arthritis

CBD for arthritis: What the research shows

CBD has shown benefits for many health conditions, including arthritis. Here’s what the research shows.
cannabinoids in epilepsy

The expanding scope of cannabinoids in epilepsy

Arun Swaminathan MD, Assistant Professor of Neurology and Epilepsy at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, details the expanding scope of cannabinoids in epilepsy.
cannabis investments

High stakes: Is the UK finally clearing a pathway for cannabis investments?

John Binns, Partner at BCL Solicitors LLP says it’s high stakes when it comes to the UK finally clearing a pathway towards cannabis investments.
compliance for medical cannabis

Ensuring regulatory compliance for Medical Cannabis

Here, Evolve Ltd’s Managing Director, Christopher Busuttil Delbridge, takes us progressively deeper into what it takes to ensure regulatory compliance for Medical Cannabis.

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