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beef cattle

Genomics of thermotolerance – helping beef cattle adapt to the climate change

Developing genomic tools for increased thermotolerance in beef cattle is imperative, says University of Florida’s Associate Professor Raluca Mateescu
sustainability through technology wind farm

Sustainability through technology: The power of N

Popularism and bumper sticker science should not stop us tackling sustainability through technology, argues Ingenuity Lab Director Carlo Montemagno Ingenuity Lab is a unique organisation, designed and created to solve many of the grand challenges facing a modern world. Ingenuity Lab is a research organisation that focuses on the development...
space technology

Space technology: how space benefits life on earth

M F Warrender highlights how space technology plays an integral role in society and how NASA invests in technology development

Can a new light-based therapy help with Alzheimer’s disease?

Prof Michael R Hamblin of the Wellman Center for Photomedicine at Massachusetts General Hospital discusses a new light-based therapy for Alzheimer’s disease

Environmental chemicals: factors for neurodevelopmental disorders?

Pamela Lein, University of California, looks at whether environmental chemicals influence individual risk for the diagnosis of neurodevelopmental disorders

Can blueberries help to tackle many global health problems?

Mark Villata, Executive Director, U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council highlights many health benefits associated with blueberries

Progressing health research in the North of Canada

Health Sciences North Research Institute shares the progress it has made in health research in Northern Canada, highlighting some of its major focus areas

A new contactless payment solution for public transit

Contactless payment is benefiting Canadian transport systems, explains Louis-Martin Fournier, Product Manager at the Desjardins Group

Supporting healthy forests across America

Open Access Government highlights the role of forests within biodiversity and how the USDA supports agroforestry in America

Supporting Alaska Native students through education

Dr. Herb Schroeder from the Alaska Native Science & Engineering Programme (ANSEP) outlines why it’s integral to develop the skills of Alaska Native students

All My Relations: advancing Indigenous family health

Dr Rod McCormick shares details on the All My Relations Network, a national Indigenous family and community wellness research centre for health and healing

Photodynamic Therapy – radiotherapy for the 21st Century

Photodynamic Therapy is a treatment that combines a photosensitizing drug, visible light and oxygen to kill cancer cells. Professor Eli Glatstein explains

Supporting the urban Aboriginal population in Canada

Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada explain how the organisation is working to better the lives of the urban Aboriginal population in Canada

Environmental health science: reducing the risk

Virginia Guidry and Kimberly Gray from the NIEHS outline how environmental health science can help to identify potential hazards in a child’s environment
Antimicrobial resistance

Tackling the threat of antimicrobial resistance in Canada

As antibiotics become less effective against infection, Minister of Health, Jane Philpott, outlines the response to antimicrobial resistance in Canada.

Nutrition research is vital for healthy outcomes

Dr Christopher Lynch, Director of the Office of Nutrition Research explores the links between diet and health in an interview with Editor Laura Evans

Huntington’s disease: Investigating pathogenic mechanisms

New York University School of Medicine’s Naoko Tanese explores the pathogenic mechanisms and therapeutic strategies for Huntington’s disease

Exploring lower cost pathways to economical fusion power

The cost of fusion energy development is a significant reason why progress remains challenging. Scott C. Hsu of the Los Alamos National Laboratory explains When I entered graduate school in 1993 to study plasma physics and fusion, the United States already had designs to build a “burning-plasma” fusion experiment in...
science and research

Measuring the impact of science and research in Ontario

Minister Reza Moridi explains how Ontario is bridging the divide between ideas and application when it comes to science and research

Understanding speech and language disorders

Open Access Governments Editor Laura Evans talks to NIDCD’s Deputy Director Dr Judith Cooper about the research strides being made in speech and language disorders The National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD), part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), reports that nearly 1 in 12 children...

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