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genome / gene expression

Interdisciplinary research: New technologies for studying genomes

The Ebenstein lab for NanoBioPhotonics in Tel Aviv University, Israel, develops new technologies for studying genomes, an aspect of interdisciplinary research that Prof Yuval highlights here.

Turning radiation damage into an opportunity for nanotechnology

As part of the imaging of nanoscale phenomena, exploring the fundamentals of electron matter interactions to turn radiation damage into an exciting opportunity for nanotechnology is discussed here by Postdoctoral Researcher, Anna Elsukova from the Technical University of Denmark.
Deparment of Chemistry

Deep Learning Approaches to Electron Microscopy

Electron microscopy is the primary method for analyzing nanostructures. Senior researcher Thomas Willum Hansen discusses the new challenges in this field.

The challenges of nanophotonics in modern optical technologies

Toralf Scharf, Senior Scientist/Faculty Member at École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne EPFL identifies the exciting challenges of nanophotonics where modern optical technologies are concerned.

The governance of emerging nano-risk in the semiconductor industry

Dr Dimiter Prodanov from IMEC sheds light on the governance of emerging nano-risk in the semiconductor industry in this summary workshop report.
human health

Nanomedicines: Depicting human health risks hindering clinical translation

Cecilia Van Cauwenberghe from Frost & Sullivan shares her expertise on the world of nanomedicines, with a special focus on depicting human health risks hindering clinical translation.
nanoscale imaging

DTU – Small is beautiful

This compelling document focuses on attention to detail, hence its apt title, ‘small is beautiful’. This intriguing e-book is all about nanoscale imaging research and within that, the fascinating field of electron microscopy
sustainable polymer-based materials

Innovators race to find sustainable polymer-based materials

Jennifer Unsworth, Senior associate and patent attorney at Withers & Rogers LLP shares her expertise on the race for innovators to find sustainable polymer-based materials
governance of nano-related risk

Nano safety, advanced materials for the semiconductor industry and governance of nano-related risk

Dr Dimiter Prodanov from IMEC vzw shares his views on the fascinating world of nanomaterials including the governance of nano-related risk
Gas to solid reactions

Atom-by-atom: Gas to solid reactions visualised in real time

Professor Jakob Birkedal Wagner, Scientific Director at the Center for Electron Nanoscopy at DTU Cen, provides an absorbing insight into gas to solid reactions that are visualised in real time, atom-by-atom
DTU CEN - Center For Electron Nanoscopy

Nanowires, doping and electron holography

Elisabetta Fiordaliso of DTU CEN discusses Nanowire technology and how it works, something which is decreasing the dimensions of our electronic devices more and more. The density of integrated electronic components in the semiconductor industry continues to increase, resulting in shrinking dimensions of individual devices. Many different semiconductor materials are...

Integrating nanomaterials safety data so that it is Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Re-usable

Professor Iseult Lynch from University of Birmingham, School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences explores the amazing opportunities offered by nanotechnologies Nanotechnologies and the ability to manipulate matter at the nanoscale (1-100nm) have opened up amazing new opportunities for industry and consumers. Nanotechnology has been identified as a key enabling...

Natural colours from cellulose

Silvia Vignolini, Reader in Chemistry and Biomaterials at University of Cambridge explores the wonderful world of colour and how it affects our perception and mood Colour is a powerful communication tool, it deeply affects our perception of the world, stimulating our senses. It is not by chance that since the...

Nanomaterials in the semiconductor industry: An end-user industrial perspective

Dr. Dimiter Prodanov from Imec gives an end-user industrial perspective on the vital role of nanomaterials in today’s semiconductor industry and their safe use Nanomaterials are broadly defined as those materials that have a certain percentage of particles at the nanoscale, between 1 and 100 nanometres1. While the size cut-off...
transmission ekectron microscopy

Transmission electron microscopy to see ‘functionalities’ and ‘material property interactions’

Senior researcher at Center for Electron Nanoscopy at DTU CEN, Takeshi Kasama reveals the institution’s expertise around transmission electron microscopy
nanomaterials for energy storage

Nanomaterials for energy storage: Powering our world

Nanomaterials offer significant advantages for energy storage applications, as Professor Valeria Nicolosi’s research is demonstrating.
DTU CEN - Center For Electron Nanoscopy

Imaging magnetic nanoparticle superstructures

The Center for Electron Nanoscopy at DTU discusses research into the magnetization of nanoparticle superstructures, advancing their use in modern technology Magnetic materials at various length scales are everywhere in modern technology. From cars, trains, airplanes and wind turbines (1 mm – 1 m), to cellphones, computers, memory drives and...

Applied nanosciences for printing technologies

Applied nanosciences offer new possibilities for printing and processing, as outlined by Prof. Dr. Silvia Schintke from Heig-VD/HES-SO Switzerland

Nanoscale imaging research: Why is it useful?

The Center for Electron Nanoscopy’s Professor Jakob Birkedal Wagner highlights the strides being made in nanoscale imaging research

What is the importance of mechanical systems?

The University of Applied Sciences’ research group discuss the challenges of mechanical systems and the benefits they bring to everyday life

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