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nanomaterials for energy storage

Nanomaterials for energy storage: Powering our world

Nanomaterials offer significant advantages for energy storage applications, as Professor Valeria Nicolosi’s research is demonstrating.
DTU CEN - Center For Electron Nanoscopy

Imaging magnetic nanoparticle superstructures

The Center for Electron Nanoscopy at DTU discusses research into the magnetization of nanoparticle superstructures, advancing their use in modern technology Magnetic materials at various length scales are everywhere in modern technology. From cars, trains, airplanes and wind turbines (1 mm – 1 m), to cellphones, computers, memory drives and...

Applied nanosciences for printing technologies

Applied nanosciences offer new possibilities for printing and processing, as outlined by Prof. Dr. Silvia Schintke from Heig-VD/HES-SO Switzerland

Nanoscale imaging research: Why is it useful?

The Center for Electron Nanoscopy’s Professor Jakob Birkedal Wagner highlights the strides being made in nanoscale imaging research

What is the importance of mechanical systems?

The University of Applied Sciences’ research group discuss the challenges of mechanical systems and the benefits they bring to everyday life
DTU CEN - Center For Electron Nanoscopy

National Center for Nanofabrication and Characterization

The Center for Electron Nanoscopy in the Technical University of Denmark (DTU Cen) is active in materials characterisation and fundamental research

Lighting up future materials and devices

Stefan Hecht at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin outlines how light-based technologies will spark innovation in material science and nanotechnology The emergence of life and our existence is inevitably bound to the sun as the prime energy source for our planet. Photosynthesis provides the basis for the continuous production of biomass, which...

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