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Weight loss can put Type 2 diabetes into remission for two years

36% of people with Type 2 diabetes who took part in a weight management programme delivered in NHS primary care are in remission two years later.
environmental chemicals

Are environmental chemicals contributing to the obesity epidemic?

A group of experts from the University of California, Davis and the University of Southern California explain the extent to which environmental chemicals are contributing to the obesity epidemic.

Study reveals least active regions in England

Golfsupport illustrates the least active regions in the UK and the London boroughs who need to take part in more physical activity.
food insecurity, environmental audit committee

Committee asks UK government: where is the Minister for Hunger?

The Government does not fully understand the relationship between food insecurity, hunger and malnutrition.
mental illness

Severe mental illness sufferers experience worse physical health

Public Health England have released a report which shows those suffering with severe mental illnesses experience worse physical health compared to the general population.
childhood obesity

Fitness providers support the government’s new childhood obesity strategy

According to latest research, nearly a third of children today aged two to 15 are classed as overweight or obese and younger generations are experiencing childhood obesity at earlier ages.
new medicine

Type 2 diabetes: Progressing novel scientific insight into new medicine

The gap in the long process of progressing a novel scientific insight into a new medicine is often called “the valley of death”. Read below to understand how the strategic alliance between University of Oxford and Novo Nordisk is aiming to combat type 2 diabetes by bridging this gap.

The challenge facing patients with ‘Diabesity’

Chester Medical school shed light on the link between obesity and diabetes, the challenge facing patients with ‘Diabesity’ and the research contribution of the school in solving this problem
root cause of Type 2 diabetes

Tackling the root cause of Type 2 diabetes: Obesity

Kristoffer From, CEO of Liva Healthcare and Simon Pickup, UK Managing Director at Liva Healthcare share their thoughts on why obesity is key to tackling the root cause of Type 2 diabetes

Can leisure centres hold the key to success for rehabilitation?

Ellen Rowles from Action PR highlights how local community leisure centres play a key role in rehabilitation and ease the burden on GPs A growing amount of evidence has shown that the average workload for GPs has increased 16% over the past seven years resulting in GPs resigning at a...
Health Promotion

Reducing the burden of non-communicable diseases in Finland

Minister of Social Affairs and Health in Finland, Pirkko Mattila explains how she aims to reduce the burden of non-communicable diseases in Finland Finland has a long successful history of health promotion and prevention of non-communicable diseases (NCD’s). Activities to influence the NCD’s were started in the early 70’s when...
UK's obesity epidemic

Tackling the UK’s obesity epidemic

Professor Russell Viner from the Royal College of Paediatrics shares his thoughts on the UK Government’s strategy to tackle the UK’s obesity epidemic

PEGASO – Fit for Future

The PEGASO team explain the challenges to healthcare obesity represents and how the Fit for Future project aims to tackle them

New plans to reduce childhood obesity in the UK unveiled

An investment of £5 million has been announced by the Department of Health for a new childhood obesity policy research unit The new unit at University College London will look at the causes of childhood obesity and support the delivery of the childhood obesity plan. The National Institute for Health Research...
liver cancer metastasis

Obesity, liver cancer, metastasis: Future consequences for Europe

Mathias Heikenwälder at the German Cancer Research Center warns of the impact of modern lifestyles and the obesity epidemic on liver cancer and metastasis Alterations in lifestyles over the last decades, including high caloric diets combined with sedentarism, have increased the worldwide incidence of overweight and metabolic syndrome, characterised by...
obesity epidemic and cancer woman scales

The obesity epidemic and cancer: A disaster in the making?

IARC’s Véronique Terrasse highlights the link between the growing obesity epidemic and cancer in countries around the world, with some alarming statistics The obesity1 epidemic is reaching alarming proportions in many countries and has become a major public health concern in both developed and low and middle-income countries (LMICs). Indeed, the...
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An ounce of prevention, a pound of cure: What makes successful obesity policies?

Philip Sherman, Mary-Jo Makarchuk and Keeley Rose at the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, highlight the need for research to inform successful obesity policies Obesity is a chronic condition in which excess body fat is associated with impaired health. Rates of obesity have risen in Canada over the last two...
sustainable healthy lifestyles swimming child

Promoting sustainable healthy lifestyles with a holistic and multidisciplinary approach

The PEGASO project is helping address the global obesity epidemic by promoting change towards sustainable healthy lifestyles, as Renata Guarneri describes The increasing prevalence of overweight and obesity among children and adolescents reflects a global ‘epidemic’ worldwide. Obesity in younger age groups has been recognised as an alarming key predictor...
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Obesity in children: Government needs to do more

The current strategy will not be enough to tackle overweight and obesity in children, insists Professor Neena Modi, President of RCPCH This time last year there was a sense of optimism for the year ahead. Campaign groups and health organisations up and down the country, and indeed elsewhere in the...
Be Food Smart app with healthy breakfast

Be Food Smart app to help with healthier choices for kids

The Be Food Smart app, Public Health England’s latest Change4Life campaign, aims to help parents make healthier food and drink choices for their children Following a survey that showed kids consume half the daily recommended sugar intake before school, Public Health England has launched the Be Food Smart app as...

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