How technology can be used to deliver public services

deliver public services

Bob Hallewell from Expert Messaging explains why there is a major gap in the UK government’s strategy concerning technology to deliver public services

Unless you have the right approach, your technology will control your people – rather than your people controlling and benefitting from your technology.

The UK government has set a clear direction – for the public sector to deliver great services they need to take on board the latest technologies. They want to cut waste, and not only improve the delivery of those services but also make substantial savings.

What they have not addressed is the human side: how people are actually going to use the technology. At Expert Messaging, we think this is the starting point.

Unless the human side of using technology is addressed, bad behaviours generate waste and actually get in the way of delivering top-class public services.

Expert Messaging’s research into the use of email shows that most people:

  • Waste significant time;
  • Have excessive volumes of traffic;
  • Have seriously compulsive behaviours and;
  • Feel the problem is getting worse.

The answer to this growing problem is not to throw more technology at people, but to encourage them to use it in ways that are appropriate, respectful of others’ time and organisationally healthier.

We turn email hell into email heaven and it only takes us 60 minutes to achieve this.

  • People spend 29% less time on email;
  • They have 35% more space in their inboxes;
  • 64% feel less stressed;
  • 78% find themselves having more conversations than before and;
  • Typically, managers save 49 minutes every day (giving them an extra month every year).

“Most useful, focused session I have attended in a long time. Time-saving sensible advice which can be implemented bit by bit or in one big go.” Delegate quote

deliver public services
Typically, managers save 49 minutes
every day (giving them an extra
month every year

Expert Messaging has worked with a huge range of organisations across the public, voluntary and private sectors, transforming the lives of tens of thousands of people.

If you are interested controlling your technology rather than being controlled by it, call us for a chat.

Telephone 020 7633 0050 or visit

Case Study: City Council gains £222,600 in 3 x 60 minutes

A City Council in Scotland was suffering the typical problems with email faced by most local authorities today: 40% of emails received were “unhelpful”; inboxes were overflowing; most staff felt stressed or controlled by email; huge amounts of time were being wasted on email each day.

They decided to pilot three of Expert Messaging’s 60-minute masterclasses. A total of 84 staff attended.

Now, most people are talking more instead of emailing; over half are less stressed by email; unnecessary CC’s are down by one third and people spend an average 30% less time on email.

That time saving across the group adds up to a staggering £222,600 every year. Across the whole council that would come to over £13 million.

“This one-hour workshop has transformed the way I work – I’m now far less stressed about email and much more productive. It has made a huge difference and the more people who do the training, the easier life will get for all of us.” Delegate quote

Please get in touch if you would like the whole case study.

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