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As the UK faces the imminent 31 October Brexit deadline, at Open Access Government we are investigating how people in STEM feel about their field via the Brexit survey

We have been running a survey to gauge how people who work in the world of STEM feel about the ever-evolving landscape of UK-EU relations.

The unknowns of ongoing Brexit negotiations include the recent announcement of a parliamentary prorogue, the Yellowhammer dossier leak, and the new campaign by the UK government to explain Brexit. EU funding for research and innovation in the UK has been highlighted as a key issue, which Boris Johnson promised to replace in full.

The current lack of consensus over whether the UK will attain a Deal is a question that can be answered by the end of this week, suggesting that people in all fields could prepare more definitely after knowing what the exact EU terms of exit will be. However, at this moment, the UK government faces questions which it cannot answer.

But where does that really leave you?

Whether you’re a UK student in a European University or a researcher working on a project funded by EU sources, we invite you to give your opinion on what you think and feel about the status of your field in the days ahead.

Are there incoming changes that you’re excited or worried about? What are the good or bad things you’re experiencing? What will your field look like, and are you ready?

Tell us all about it. We are listening.

You can take the Brexit STEM survey here.


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