You know it’s going to happen, but have you considered what exposure or risks the ISDN / PSTN switch-off poses to your organisation?

Proactive planning now, will address any potential issues and help you minimise disruption

“Switch On to the Switch Off” survey

According to the “Switch On to the Switch Off” survey in March 2021, 83% of organisations indicated they had no visibility of when their services would be switched off and 46% have no idea that their existing analogue phone and ISDN services will be switched off completely by December 2025.

ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) is a telephone network that allows both voice and data services to be delivered over digital lines simultaneously, while PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) is the older analogue telephone network. These ageing infrastructures use underground copper telephone lines and old signalling methods which are planned to be completely switched off nationally by 2025.

The wide-reaching effects of the ISDN / PSTN switch off

Due to the number of telephone exchanges, this involves in the UK, this will be an ongoing programme affecting all main carriers, not just BT, with a significant number of the changes happening from 2022 onwards. 77% of organisations surveyed said they have not prepared for any disruption the switch off of these services may cause.

This change will not just affect voice calls, but security, well-being and any equipment reliant on these services the longer actions are delayed, the more problematic the situation may become, accentuated by several factors which could intensify the complexity of the switch-off, for example:

  • The number and location of sites involved
  • The number of suppliers involved
  • Availability and accuracy of records kept
  • Resource, expertise and legacy knowledge available in-house
  • Variation in applications, which may result in more bespoke solutions being needed
  • Long contract durations restricting options
  • Electrification for any new solutions needed and/or the availability of network coverage
  • Space / storage requirements
  • Budget planning to cover the cost of any changes needed

We can guide you through all aspects of this change, identifying what the risks are to your organisation, how to mitigate these risks, what you need to do and when you need to do it.

Planning will limit risk and ensure:

  • You control suppliers, they don’t control you
  • You receive independent guidance enabling you to see the whole picture
  • You gain clarity, control and potential cost savings
  • You future-proof your organisation
  • A panic-free transition

Segmentation Group can guide you in choosing the perfect solution for your organisation during a digital transformation, whether this is, providing insight, help and guidance in understanding your estate, helping you unravel, determine, interpret and manage complex areas of your telecoms, or bringing all strands of your network, equipment, costs and communication patterns together.

Segmentation Group can:

  • Enable you to make quicker informed business decisions
  • Enable you to make the best use of limited budgets and resources
  • Make recommendations to help you achieve the best solution for you, based on what equipment and services you currently have on-site
  • Help you minimise the impact of the ISDN / PSTN switch off on your organisation
  • Help you support your staff through the switch off with training, by
  • getting them involved and excited about the plans for telecoms in your organisation
  • Help you make the right decisions by showing you how you are
  • currently performing with your existing telecoms estate and helping you make informed decisions without causing further confusion
  • Show you how upgrading to new digital services can be an opportunity for change and maybe even cost reduction
  • Make preparations now for your digital journey to avoid pitfalls and make the transition as smooth as possible

Now more than ever before, your telecoms and how your organisation communicates should be at the forefront of your mind.

Understanding where you are and knowing where you need to be are crucial in the evolution of your telecoms.

We see things that others don’t

We are specialists in guiding and future-proofing medium to large public and private sector organisations in all aspects of voice, data and mobile communications.

Through the knowledge gained in these areas, we have become the authority on the ISDN / PSTN switch-off, with our ability to translate this complex topic into simple terms.

Our experts will be your guide, taking you to step by step on a journey of discovery from dinosaur to astronaut, designed to equip you with a holistic view of your entire telecoms estate


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