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Gibraltar Finance has announced that Paul Astengo, Senior Finance Centre Executive, will be in attendance at the European Parliament on Tuesday, 4th December, as part of a panel discussion organised by Blockchain4Europe

The panel discussion entitled ‘Blockchain and Governance’, which takes place from 9:00 am – 10:30 am, will bring together experts working in all sectors of financial technology, from regulation and governance to startup and business leaders.

Speaking ahead of the event, Paul Astengo said: “I am thrilled to represent Gibraltar Finance at this event. It is a fantastic opportunity to discuss the fast-evolving sector of blockchain regulation at the epicentre of European politics and governance. In bringing together a vast array of esteemed industry experts, we can expect an informative discussion. I am excited to share insights on how companies, regulators, and governments are working together to bring blockchain innovation to the mainstream.”

Mr Astengo, who has been instrumental in advancing blockchain development in Gibraltar’s rapidly-expanding crypto space, will be joined by speakers including Peteris Zilgalvis, the European Commission’s Head of Unit, Start-ups, and Blockchain, and, also, Co-Chairman of the Fintech Taskforce; Louis de Bruin, IBM’s Blockchain Leader for Europe; Martin Ruubel, President of Guardtime, Estonia’s Blockchain Partner; and David Siegel, CEO and Founder of the Pillar Project and 20|30. The panel will be hosted by Cătălin Ivan, MEP and Member of the Economic Affairs Committee, and moderated by APCO Worldwide’s CEO, Brad Staples.

In January 2018, Gibraltar delivered the first Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) Regulatory Framework, a purpose-built legislative framework for businesses that use blockchain or DLT. The principles-led approach allows businesses to swiftly engage with regulators while also providing the flexibility required for guidelines to evolve in line with the fast-moving nature of blockchain technology.

Over the past number of weeks, the first of these licences have been granted by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission (GFSC) to a number of leading firms including Coinfloor, Covesting, and the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX).

“Gibraltar is a leading jurisdiction for sustainable blockchain innovation and supportive regulation, highlighted by the introduction of our DLT Regulatory Framework earlier this year. Featuring on this panel discussion is evidence of our commitment to collaborative blockchain development and ensuring a sustainable future for financial technologies. As Co-Chair of the DLT Working Group in Gibraltar I am firmly aware of the importance of these forums for the sharing of ideas, information, and knowledge”, concluded Mr Astengo.


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