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PET imaging of neurodegenerative diseases

Prof. Dr Axel Rominger from the Ludwig-Maximilian-University of Munich on how neurodegenerative diseases can be studied through PET imaging
bacterial cell

Bacterial Cell Biology

Prof. Dr Marc Bramkamp explains how the latest science allow for increased understanding of the subcellular organisation of a bacterial cell
research in Europe

What is the future for clinical and health research in Europe?

Experts discuss the FEAM-BioMed Alliance paper, which outlines how the next EU Framework Programme can further support biomedical research in Europe

Clinical and hospital-based biobanking for next generation patient care

Professor Berthold Huppertz from Biobank Graz, highlights the importance of maintaining high sample quality in biobanking
supporting biotech

How is the UK supporting biotech to create innovative medicines?

CEO of the BioIndustry Association (BIA), Steve Bates explores how the UK government is supporting biotech in order to create innovative medicines
embryo DNA

Embryo DNA edited to remove blood disorder by Chinese researchers

Scientists in China have managed to eradicate beta-thalassemia from embryo DNA using precise 'chemical surgery' in a world first

Biomedical research: crossing discipline borders

Biomedical research crosses borders of disciplines to help shape new imaging approaches, as scientists from Technical University of Munich explain
health research

Health research, from molecules to patients, at DCU

Director of Research Support Dr Ana M Terres notes the importance of health research and the strides being achieved by researchers at Dublin City University
electron laser

The X-ray free electron laser for biomolecular structure determination

Dr Dilano K Saldin, of the  Department of Physics, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee outlines the potential of the x-ray free electron laser.
systems biology research test tiubes

Ten years in systems biology research at BioQuant

Heidelberg University describes 10 years of successful systems biology research and education at their BioQuant Center Systems biology research facilitates the discovery of yet unknown principles of complex biological systems, by connecting the experimental life sciences with mathematics, bioinformatics, engineering and computation. Quantitative experimental data are translated into mathematical models...
Norway spruce source bioactive compounds

Developing bioactive compounds through cooperation

Montisera is working with world-leading Finnish researchers to develop bioactive compounds with health benefits.
biomedical engineering imperial college london

Biomedical engineering and social sciences receive £52m boost

Imperial College London and the London School of Economics will receive a share of £52m to lead research in biomedical engineering and social sciences As the first projects to be funded in the fifth round of the UK Research Partnership Investment Fund (UKRPIF), Imperial College London and the London School...

It’s the ‘content’ of cells that matters in biomedical research

One of the most remarkable things about life on earth, in all its forms, is how cells often only tens of microns in diameter have evolved to carry out the variety of tasks that they do. In multicellular organisms, the situation is even more complicated, as different cell types...
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Biobank Networks

Biobank networks set to multiply the access to the key resources for biomedical sciences. The systematic examination of human samples in combination with their medical data over the last centuries has established the basis for the growing progress in medical sciences. This has led to the dramatic increase in knowledge...

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