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sight test for low vision

Out of sight: Low vision is a National Eye Institute priority

Low vision can be a blight on the lives of those it affects, which is why it’s a National Eye Institute priority, as Dr Cheri Wiggs told Open Access Government Around 4.2 million people in America are visually impaired, which is expected to increase to 7.2 million in 2030. Of...
optimising the menstrual cycle female athletes

Optimising the menstrual cycle: Fact not fiction

Researchers at the Human Performance Laboratory are separating the fact from the fiction when it comes to optimising the menstrual cycle of female athletes Athletes, coaches, and sport physiologists know that the menstrual cycle can impact athletic performance, positively and negatively, despite limited research. In the mid-80s, female athletes were...
successful obesity policies jelly babies

An ounce of prevention, a pound of cure: What makes successful obesity policies?

Philip Sherman, Mary-Jo Makarchuk and Keeley Rose at the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, highlight the need for research to inform successful obesity policies Obesity is a chronic condition in which excess body fat is associated with impaired health. Rates of obesity have risen in Canada over the last two...
Canada's clean energy strategy solar farm

Clear trajectory for Canada’s clean energy strategy

By accelerating the transition to renewables, Canada’s clean energy strategy is charting a clear course, as Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr sets out here When most people think of Canada’s energy resources, they are likely to think about our vast stores of oil and gas. What they might not realise...

Drug development for cancer and inflammatory disease

Sumith A Kularatne, Vice President of Research and Development at On Target Laboratories shares the research strides he has made in drug development
AG North America Analysis Cover

AG: North America Analysis

Welcome to the AG – North America Analysis. In this special edition we highlight a number of key features regarding North American countries Shining light on areas such as healthcare, agriculture, and research, the publication features a number of contributors specifically from Canada and the US. Focusing on a number of...

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