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sperm cells

Human sperm cells, the overlooked sentinel of our living environment

Luigi Montano of the Local Health Authority (ASL) Salerno and Alberto Mantovani from Istituto Superiore di Sanità explore how pollution affects sperm cells 
heart valve disease

Heart valve Disease: The heart of the matter

Associate medical director of the British Heart Foundation, Dr Mike Knapton explores the fundamentals of heart valve disease
huntington's disease

The symptoms of Huntington’s disease

Chief Executive of the Huntington’s disease Association, Cath Stanley explores the symptoms, causes, and the vital role of research within the field
changing regulatory rules

Changing regulatory rules in financial institutions

Jean Noël Georges at Frost & Sullivan explains how RegTech providers can aid financial service organisations in meeting changing regulatory rules
communication skills

Bercow: children’s communication skills ten years on

Mary Hartshorne, Head of Evidence at I CAN, the children’s communication charity writes about the importance of good language and communication skills
energy efficiency

Energy efficiency a win-win for Canada and industry

The Honourable Jim Carr, Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources, looks at the potential of energy efficiency for the future
drinks containers

Zero Waste Scotland on the government’s drinks containers return scheme

Zero Waste Scotland reveals their thoughts on the Scottish Government’s plans for a drinks containers deposit-return scheme
Scottish government

How the Scottish Government is taking responsibility for global issues

In an exclusive interview, a spokesperson from the Scottish Government speaks to Open Access Government about how Scotland is fighting climate change
role of education

The role of education and educational research for a sustainable future

The European Educational Research Association stresses the important role of education in helping people to participate in a democratic society
prevention and control

Effective prevention and control of infectious diseases

David Partridge from the British Infection Association provides a comprehensive overview of effective infection prevention and control in the UK today
importance of cities

The importance of cities as partners in successful governance

Anna Lisa Boni, secretary general, EUROCITIES shares her reflections on the growing importance of cities as agenda setters
innovation and business

Backing innovation for commercial success

Dr David Wilkes of Innovate UK explores the importance of driving UK productivity and economic growth by supporting innovation and business Innovate UK is the UK’s innovation agency. We are government funded, but business focused, and innovation and business led. Since 2007, Innovate UK has been driving UK productivity and...
marine health

The European union explores new approaches to marine health

Karmenu Vella explains how EU policies will innovate our approach to oceans and help to ensure the marine health of our planet
economic development

Time to support ‘non-statutory’ economic development practitioners

The Institute of Economic Development (IED) puts forward the case for supporting economic development practitioners in local government

USDA’s high-tech tools to identify dangerous pests

Greg Rosenthal of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) lifts the lid on their work with digital identification tools to identify dangerous pests
Membranous nephropathy

Membranous nephropathy and how can it be identified and treated

The National Kidney Foundation analyses the causes of membranous nephropathy and the science available to identify and treat it
rare diseases

The impact of clinical research in rare diseases

Kit C.B. Roes from the University Medical Centre, Utrecht outlines why clinical research in rare diseases requires swift implementation of new methodology
Canadian agriculture

The 21st Century belongs to Canadian agriculture

Canadian agriculture has deep roots and the government is working to build a future for the next generation of farmers, says Minister Lawrence MacAulay
stroke in young people

The impact of stroke in young people

Jukka Putaala from the European Stroke Organisation outlines the effects of stroke in young people compared to stroke in the older generation

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