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Photocopiers and printers

Sustainable IT in the 2020 office: Photocopiers and printers

Dave Crispin, CEO of Crispin Associates (UK) Ltd looks specifically at photocopiers and printers when it comes to the ambition of sustainable IT in the 2020 office.
plant-wide monitoring

Plant-wide monitoring and control of data-intensive processes with AI functions

Erik Dahlquist at Mälardalen University provides further insight about the FUDIPO project concerning plant-wide monitoring and control of data-intensive processes including AI functions.
supramolecular nanomachines, enzymes

Molecular intelligence: The rise of supramolecular nanomachines

Prof Dr Daniela A. Wilson from the Institute for Molecules and Materials (IMM) tells us what we need to know about molecular intelligence – the rise of supramolecular nanomachines with controlled shape and motility.
private sector and government, COVID

Post-pandemic: Can the private sector and government work together?

Mary Martin, director at UN Business and Human Security Initiative, LSE IDEAS, explains the necessity of open collaboration between the private sector and government.

Racell PVT in combination with ATES seasonal storage

Here, Peder Vejsig Pedersen, European Green Cities, tells us about the latest Racell PVT technology which has been combined with Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage (ATES) to be used for seasonal storage.

Batteries – Calorimetry and Safety at the IAM-AWP: At the forefront of battery research

Dr Carlos Ziebert, Group Leader at the IAM-AWP of the KIT, explains the different areas of their current research in the field of Lithium-ion and post-Li batteries.
agroecosystem sustainability

Farmers and landowners are the keystone species for agroecosystem sustainability

University of Guelph scientists explain here that farmers and landowners are the keystone species to consider when it comes to AgrECOLture and agroecosystem sustainability.
Open Access Government October

Open Access Government October 2020

The October 2020 edition of Open Access Government speaks about global government policy issues, such as health & social care, research & innovation, digital transformation, economic development, international development, environment, energy and equality.
EUMCA, Brexit

EUMCA: Medical cannabis and research collaboration after Brexit

Here, we talk to Professor Trevor Jones at the European Medical Cannabis Association (EUMCA) about storing CBD, clinical trials post-Brexit and the UK-US trade deal.
health policy priorities

What are Europe’s health policy priorities going forward?

Open Access Government explores the European Commission’s Department of Health and Food Safety’s response to the COVID-19 crisis and charts their next steps towards a vaccine for every European citizen.
natures accessibility

Can nature help to improve your mental health?

Here, we discuss Lea Wermelin, Danish Minister for the Environment’s current priorities, such as encouraging those with mental health issues to make the most of Denmark’s green spaces and increasing natures accessibility.
sustainable digital future

European digital security following COVID-19

Megan Warrender, Assistant Editor at Open Access Government, explores Commissioner Margaret Vestager’s current priorities for ensuring digital security, and how Europe can build a sustainable digital future post COVID-19.
nanomaterials and risk, nanosafety

NanoStreeM: Final outcomes and perspectives – nanomaterials and risk

Here, Dr Dimiter Prodanov from IMEC explains the final outcomes and perspectives of the NanoStreeM project, including comments on nanomaterials and risk.
battling a locust infestation

Battling a locust infestation during a global pandemic

Andre Laperriere, Executive Director of Global Open Data for Agriculture & Nutrition shares his thoughts on battling a locust infestation in the time of a global pandemic.
sustainable urban environment

Tackling inefficiencies in buildings to aid a more sustainable urban environment

Ursula Barr explores the role of IoT energy management systems in solving operational efficiencies, especially for the sustainable urban environment.
equatorial ionosphere, syntek technologies

Simulating ionosphere bubbles in the equatorial ionosphere

J.D. Huba from Syntek Technologies shares his expert thoughts on simulating ionosphere bubbles in the equatorial ionosphere.
citizen engagement

Five principles for citizen engagement

Here, Anna Lisa Boni, Secretary General of Eurocities discusses five principles for citizen engagement.
Psychological resilience in children

Psychological resilience in children during COVID-19

Dr Lucy Viney, Clinical Psychologist and Co-Founder of the Fitzrovia Psychology Clinic underlines the importance of building psychological resilience in children during the COVID-19 pandemic.
sustainable future of livestock

The sustainable future of livestock: Cows in forests

Dr Yuri Yamazaki from the Faculty of Regional Environmental Science at Tokyo University of Agriculture, describes encountering cows in forests and urges us to think about the sustainable future of livestock.
calving glaciers

Underwater melting of freshwater calving glaciers in Patagonia

Shin Sugiyama, Institute of Low Temperature Science, Hokkaido University provides an exciting analysis of freshwater calving glaciers and lakes in Patagonia.

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