Ann Kristin Rotegard

    VAR Healthcare

    VAR Healthcare is a digital decision support system for frontline staff, that is formulated on evidence-based nursing

    It is used and is validated for 20+ years in Nordic hospitals, universities, and communal health organisations. Across Europe more and more healthcare institutions choose VAR Healthcare as a gate way to their digitalisation process. In our system more than 450 procedures are explained step by step, supported by illustrations, animations, and videos.

    We are continuously updating content according to the latest research and development. With VAR you have evidence-based practice at your fingertips.

    Consequently, every procedure can be explained and justified at any given time. Consistent procedures support patient safety and quality of care. In this way VAR defines “best practice,” supports the professional performance of nursing skills, and serves to bridge the gap between theory and practice. As a result, VAR supports nursing management and competence development of the staff.

    Designed to integrate with other digital systems and tools used in the healthcare sector, VAR easily implements with EMR/EHR, adding value to your integrated care system.

    With our professional content we support:

    • Best clinical practice
    • Effective documentation
    • Improved patient outcomes
    • Lifelong learning

    Continually updated content using innovative technology, we keep you ahead with the digital transformation. Always focusing on patient safety.