Novavax 96.4% effective against the original COVID mutation

original covid mutation, novavax vaccine
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The US based vaccine appears to be 96.4% effective against the original COVID mutation, with 86% efficacy against the UK variant and only 55% against the South African variant

Further data released from Phase Three of Novavax suggests that both doses can give 96.4% protection against the original COVID mutation.

Two clinical trials were held, one in South Africa and one in the UK. In the UK-based trial, 27% of participants were over the age of 65.

This vaccine will be partly manufactured in the UK, in Stockton-On-Tees. The UK Government has purchased 60 million doses, with the possibility to buy more.

100% protection against hospitalisation for all mutations

The US drugmaker found that their vaccine can give 100% protection against hospitalisation and death for every mutation. All five severe cases in the study happened in the group who were not given the vaccine, and four of those five cases were caused by the South African mutation.

One dose of the vaccine gives an efficacy of 83.4%.

Stanley C Erck, President and Chief Executive Officer at Novavax, commented: “We are very encouraged by the data showing that NVX-CoV2373 not only provided complete protection against the most severe forms of disease, but also dramatically reduced mild and moderate disease across both trials. Importantly, both studies confirmed efficacy against the variant strains.”

Can the Novavax vaccine protect against COVID mutations?

Yes, it can. The vaccine achieved 100% protection against hospitalisations and deaths caused by the virus in both trial locations. In South Africa, the local variant was responsible for the majority of infections among participants.

On 29 January, the data released from the South African clinical trial of Novavax suggested an efficiency of 60%. That figure has decreased by 5% to 55% efficacy against the South African mutation.

This percentage against the South African mutation is currently only proven to be possible for people who do not have HIV. There is no available data on how the vaccine works to protect those with HIV.

The UK recently launched a new study looking at how impaired immune systems handle vaccination.

The Novavax vaccine remains 86% effective against the UK mutation, as reported back in January, 2021.

What are the Novavax side effects?

The available information from the clinical trial suggests that the dose is “generally well tolerated”, with few serious medical incidents. These experiences were balanced between the vaccine and placebo groups, suggesting that they were not caused by taking the vaccine.

Here we discussed some common myths about vaccine side effects.


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