The London Assembly has called for a review of the London Housing Strategy as overcrowding becomes a growing issue

A third of children in social housing and a quarter of children in private-rented accommodation live in overcrowded conditions.

The London Assembly is concerned that without enough three and four-bedroom family-sized homes, the problem of overcrowding will get worse in the capital.

A motion has called for the Mayor to urgently review his draft London Housing Strategy and draft London Plan to ensure that targets and provisions are made for new family-sized homes.

The Assembly has noted that a target for family-sized homes is not included in either of the drafts.

Andrew Boff AM, who proposed the motion said: “The lack of liveable housing for families will make it harder for families to live in London and will result in increased overcrowding and deprivation.

“When Boris Johnson ran City Hall there was a target that 36% of all newly-built homes would be discounted family-sized homes. This has been scrapped by the Mayor.

“The Mayor’s London Plan actually prohibits boroughs from setting family-sized homes targets. We must reintroduce our previous target to go some way to make families feel welcome in London again and give hope to those families living in overcrowded conditions.”


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