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Sustainable water treatment with Arctic attitude

Professor Riitta Keiski, Dean of the Faculty of Technology, University of Oulu talks about the importance of sustainable water treatment in Northern Finland
Climate change in the Polar Regions is a global problem

Climate change in the Polar Regions is a global problem

Vidar Helgesen, Norwegian Minister of Climate and Environment, explains how the government is helping to address climate change in the Polar Regions
issues arctic communities face polar canada

POLAR: Investigating the issues Arctic communities face

Polar Knowledge Canada, a new federal organisation, brings together indigenous and scientific expertise to look at the issues Arctic communities face today Polar Knowledge Canada (POLAR) is primed to set Canada at the forefront of the search for new knowledge of the Polar Regions. Based in Nunavut, the new federal...
climate change in polar regions chinstrap penguins in snow

Climate change in the Polar Regions: Past, present and future

How is climate change in Polar Regions affecting sea ice? Professor Hideaki Motoyama and colleagues at the National Institute of Polar Research investigate The Polar Regions have the largest amount of fresh water on Earth in the form of snow and ice. These regions also play an important role in...
Norway’s Arctic strategy town near the pole

Norway’s Arctic strategy: Innovation and sustainability

As M F Warrender writes, Norway’s Arctic strategy revolves around making the region innovative and sustainable - economically and environmentally Now more than ever the Arctic (a region defined by its natural environment and resources), is facing the serious consequences of climate change. Since 1980, it has seen a 50% loss...

Rapid change of the Arctic climate system and its global influences

Dr Takashi Yamanouchi from the National Institute of Polar Research highlights the Green Network of Excellence (GRENE) Arctic Climate Change Research project and its impact The Arctic has become a hot topic not only in the scientific sector, but also in society, due to the abrupt retreat in summer sea...
arctic research

Understanding the Arctic environment

Nate Bauer and Hajo Eicken from the International Arctic Research Center (IARC), highlight how research can help gain invaluable knowledge about the Arctic and its surrounding environments Across the Arctic, researchers continue to identify signals that the region and its ecosystems act as an important amplifier of global climate change. While the...

A solid footing for the Arctic

EU Commissioner for the Environment, Karmenu Vella highlights the need for climate action and environmental protection in the Arctic As preparations for the UN climate conference (COP 21) in Paris this December move into full swing, one region undeniably affected by the changing climate is high on the international agenda....
arctic ecosystem

Impacts of human activities on changing Arctic ecosystems

Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, environmental contaminants have been transported from temperate latitudes to the Arctic via the atmosphere, ocean currents and river systems Research and monitoring in the Arctic have revealed how pesticides, industrial chemicals, metals, and also radionuclides, have found their way into animals and human...

The Arctic: A global climate “canary in a coal mine”

Dr Jan-Gunnar Winther, Director of the Norwegian Polar Institute, explains how a dramatically warming Arctic heralds global changes to come It is a documented fact that no region of the planet is experiencing more dramatic climate change than the Arctic. In recent years, this has resulted in melting glaciers, rapid...

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