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future of blockchain

The future of blockchain: Learning from things yet to happen

Disruption, pivot, 10X change – these words describe current strategic interest in everything new, but how do we decide the future of blockchain?
blockchain courses

Ivy League colleges offer blockchain courses in the US

Ivy League universities including Yale are offering blockchain courses allowing students to study cryptocurrency technology
bitcoin gold

Bitcoin gold launch halted by hack

The launch of Bitcoin Gold, a new rival to the dominant cryptocurrency, has been hit by hacks, causing a drop in the value of Bitcoin

The rise and future of Blockchain

In this article, the founder and co-founder of the Blockchain Federation provide insight into the future for a blockchain based purpose-economy
cryptocurrency bubble

Bitcoin price rises over $5000 amid warnings of a cryptocurrency bubble

The price of bitcoin has risen above $5000 and is now more valuable than gold, generating warnings of a possible cryptocurrency bubble
changing regulatory rules

Changing regulatory rules in financial institutions

Jean Noël Georges at Frost & Sullivan explains how RegTech providers can aid financial service organisations in meeting changing regulatory rules
state cryptocurrency

Dubai launches world’s first state cryptocurrency

The local government of Dubai has launched emCash, the world's first state cryptocurrency, which will be available to all UAE citizens
cryptocurrency jobs

Cryptocurrency jobs double over the last six months

The number of cryptocurrency jobs has doubled over the last six months as companies seek out employees who understand digital money
The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay mined cryptocurrency through users CPUs without notice

File sharing site The Pirate Bay briefly placed code on its page that mined Monero digital coins from its users without their prior knowledge
cryptocurrency prices

Cryptocurrency prices crash as China cracks down on Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency prices have dropped dramatically as rumours spread that China will become the first country to begin cracking down on Bitcoin 

Is cryptocurrency the new digital phenomenon?

Open Access Government looks at new digital technologies such as blockchain and bitcoin and highlights cryptocurrency and where it may go in the future Cryptocurrency a current hot topic, but one which has many people confused - it’s perplexing and unprecedented, and it can go one of two ways. It...

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