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Doctors are surgery to patient at operating room. Using virtual reality glasses. Medical and health care concept.

AI in ICU: Aiding clinicians make complex decisions

Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University's Human-Computer Interaction Institute (HCII) have studied how AI in ICU will assist clinicians.
Doctor wheeling patient

Addressing the mental health crisis amongst emergency response workers

Fast-paced environments, demanding schedules, and high-stakes decision-making all contribute to the stressful environment emergency response workers endure daily.
Woman supporting mother with cancer

How integrative oncology is transforming cancer care

Santosh Rao, Channing J. Paller, Ana Maria Lopez, Eugene Ahn, Jodi MacLeod, Ting Bao, and Linda E. Carlson, from the Society for Integrative Oncology, detail how integrative oncology is transforming cancer care.
VARscreens Supporting nurses in daily practice to avoid employee burnout

VAR Healthcare: Supporting nurses in daily practice to avoid employee burnout

VAR Healthcare is a digital tool for decision support widely used in the Norwegian and Danish health sectors to help avoid employee burnout and its outlook is promising.
Mental health concept, Psychologist sitting and touch hand young depressed man for encouragement

The impact of suicide and suicidal behavior

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, explain the impact of suicide and suicidal behavior. Suicide is preventable and no lives should be lost to it.
Back to Health

Back to Health campaign to help one million recover from COVID-19

Helpforce launches new Back to Health campaign to support the health and care sector as it recovers from COVID-19 and battles through winter pressures.
nurses suicidal, suicidal ideation

Study finds nurses have more suicidal ideation than general workforce

In a survey of 7,000 US nurses, researchers found that there was more pre-COVID suicidal ideation than in the general workforce.
upskilling health workers

What can be done to improve upskilling across the health sector?

Sarah-Jane McQueen, General Manager of the online healthcare course comparison website at CoursesOnline, explores how the health sector can upskill frontline workers during a crisis.
volunteering for the NHS

Combatting misconceptions around volunteering for the NHS

Here, Paddy Hanrahan, Strategy & Innovation Director at Helpforce, tackles five major misconceptions around volunteering for the NHS, setting the facts from fiction.
healthcare teams

How technology is supporting healthcare teams across the board

Tim Weil, CEO, explains how Navenio technology can be employed to support healthcare teams.
hr marketing

HR marketing in a health organisation

Laura Kirschbacher, Corporate Communications, Pfalzklinikum, details how to establish HR marketing within a health organisation, in this project report.
staff burnout

The pandemic, after the pandemic: Healthcare transformation can help solve staff burnout

Mike Hobby, Healthcare Transformation Partner, Checkit, explores how healthcare transformation can put a stop to staff burnout before it becomes a pandemic itself.
pay increase

NHS heroes to receive a pay increase of just 3%

The UK government has accepted the recommendations to offer NHS staff a pay increase of just 3% and junior doctors will miss out completely .

Leveraging AI-powered speech recognition tech to reduce NHS staff burnout

Dr Simon Wallace, Chief Clinical Information Officer, Nuance, ponders the burnout epidemic amongst healthcare professionals and how leveraging AI-powered speech recognition technology can prevent it.
doctoral training

MRC invests £79 million to support doctoral training

The Medical Research Council (MRC) has announced that it will invest £79 million to support doctoral training for the next three years, through its Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP) competition.
recruitment challenges

Fixing recruitment challenges in social care – it’s not about pay

Sally Bibb, strengths and talent expert, and Amanda Kelly, adult and children’s social care lead at PA Consulting, explore how the social care sector can be fixed by introducing a strengths-based approach to the recruitment process.
nurse PTSD, ICU

Study finds 47% of US critical care nurses at risk of PTSD

When it comes to facing the COVID pandemic, healthcare professionals were at the frontline and new research suggests that 47% of critical care nurses are at risk of PTSD.
Mental health within social care

Mental health within social care: Supporting carer and client alike

Peter Seldon, CEO, Consultus Care & Nursing, explores the impact of COVID-19 and mental health within social care settings and what best practices can be adopted to support both carers and clients.
national illness service

Turning the national illness service into the national health service

Robin Stern, Chair at Future Perfect (Healthcare), discusses how patient journeys currently reflect a national 'illness' service, not a national health service.
flexible workers

How to develop resilience for flexible workers

Juliette Cosgrove, Chief Nurse & Director of Clinical Governance, NHS Professionals, argues that a focus on flexible worker resilience is needed to support those who support the NHS.

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