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Commonwealth Games

Commonwealth Games 2022 brings ‘once in a lifetime opportunity’

The Commonwealth Games arriving in Birmingham will provide a ‘once in a lifetime opportunity’ according to the projects City Design & Conservation Manager
Global Guardians

Maximising the potential of your vacant property

Global Guardians discuss issues with vacant property during redesign, rebuild and refurbishment stages, or while being sold for redevelopment
National Apprenticeship Week

BSRIA celebrates National Apprenticeship Week 2018

National Apprenticeship Week (NAW2018) – running from Monday 5th to Friday 9th March - brings together employers and apprentices from across England to celebrate the success of apprenticeships
European cities

A sustainable future for cities is within our grasp

Abdeluheb Choho, deputy mayor of Amsterdam and chair of EUROCITIES Environment Forum shares his thoughts on the sustainable future for European cities As European cities, we are committed to making the transition to a circular economy. Building a more sustainable economy is an urgent environmental necessity and vital to our...
Infrastructure improvements to boost the UK economy

Infrastructure improvements to boost the UK economy

Infrastructure improvements will give the productivity boost the UK needs to compete on an international level says CBI
3D Cities

How can 3D cities assist with urban management and sustainability?

Sylvie Daniel, Université Laval outlines how 3D city modelling and augmented reality can assist with urban management and sustainability.

On the way to more sustainable concrete structures

Prof. Dr. Bernhard Elsener, Head Durability Research Group at The Institute for Building Materials ETH Zurich outlines the durability screening of new blended cements... Portland cement has for decades been the most used type of cement to build reinforced concrete infrastructure. Experience and research on the corrosion of reinforcement...

Nearly Zero Energy Building Solutions

The Nordic Built 'Active Roofs and Facades' project reveals how building renovations can be developed with sustainable energy in mind.
ETH Zurich

Concrete Infrastructure: Durability screening of new blended cements

Portland cement has for decades been the most used type of cement to build reinforced concrete infrastructure. Experience and research on corrosion of reinforcement in concrete made of Portland cement have shown that the very high alkalinity of the pore solution ideally protects the steel. The disadvantage is that...
fire alarm

Fire alarm power efficiency

The Fire Industry Association’s CEO Ian Moore, explains the importance of ensuring efficient power for fire and security alarm systems in line with environmental concerns Environmental friendliness is second nature to us all now. Going further than moral responsibility, the EU sets much-publicised carbon targets to insist we improve green...

The EU Urban Agenda for our cities of tomorrow

European Parliament MEP, Lambert van Nistelrooij outlines why cities are the engine for economic growth and are integral for the EU Urban Agenda Cities have the future. While the regions in Europe always had the ‘first’ attention from Brussels, the spotlights nowadays have to be in the cities as well....
Nordic Built

Nearly Zero Energy Building Solutions

The background of building renovation in both Nordic and European projects, where actual energy use is quite often 30-40% higher in practice compared to what was expected from calculations, and where innovative solutions are seldom used, is very much connected to the way the building industry is organised. Here,...

Durability challenges for new and existing reinforced concrete structures

Concrete and reinforced/pre-stressed concrete is and will be the main construction material for civil engineering infrastructure. Much more than in the past this construction technology faces challenges that have been discussed at the International RILEM workshop held at ETH Zurich in Switzerland on 17-18 April 20121. For new structures that...

Smart standards for a smart world

Henry Lawson, Market Research Consultant at BSRIA examines the possibilities of achieving common standards which are appropriate for the myriad of different “things” that will potentially be part of the Internet of Things I live about 50 miles to the west of London. When I take the train into central...
building renovations

Building renovations – The Nordic way

The Nordic Built “Active Roofs and Facades” project has received support from Nordic Innovation, EUDP(DK), Energimyndigheten( SE) and Rannis(IS) allowing strong development of leading Nordic competences in the area of building renovation. This is achieved by creating transnational Public Private Partnership models to support the development of nearly zero energy...

Planning for the future

Association of European Schools of Planning (AESOP), established in 1987, is an international association of universities teaching and researching in the field of spatial planning. With over 150 institutional members, AESOP is the only representation of planning schools of Europe. AESOP mobilises its resources, taking a leading role and entering...

The urban dimension of Cohesion Policy

Corina Crețu, EU Commissioner for Regional Policy outlines how Europe should be exploiting urban areas to their full potential An important responsibility was bestowed upon me when I came into office as Commissioner for Regional Policy: to lead this policy into the next decade and to exploit its full potential in...
ETH Zurich

Electrically isolated post-tensioning tendons

Very high durability and the possibility for long-term monitoring and inspection of post-tensioning tendons in concrete structures are obtained with electrically isolated tendons. Post-tensioning created new possibilities for the structural use of concrete: large span concrete bridges, special containment vessels, domes, nuclear and marine structures. At present, most of the...

Towards the EU Urban Agenda: results of the Latvian Presidency

The Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development of the Republic of Latvia details the importance of small and medium-sized urban areas in the context of the EU Urban Agenda Approximately 70% of Europeans live in cities and towns. They play a significant role in territorial development of the EU, and...

Designing a resilient Don Watershed in Toronto

The city of Toronto is a massive never-ending blur of concrete. The immense redevelopment of the waterfront consists of apartment towers as far as one can see. Looking at the city from the Sky-tower the outskirts have a green look, but don’t let the image fool you: down at...

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