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University Clinic of Nuclear Medicine

The University Clinic of Nuclear Medicine conducts examinations and treatments on patients with radioactive drugs. This includes radiation protection with its medical, physical and biological fundamentals

At the University Clinic of Nuclear Medicine, an essential task is the functional evaluation of organs and tissues, e.g. of the heart or bone. Nuclear medical examinations depict various bodily functions, e.g. different metabolic pathways or blood circulation. The test substances used for this purpose are administered in extremely small amounts and thus have virtually no effect on the natural function of the organs. Every year millions of nuclear medicine examinations are carried out worldwide. They are safe and associated with little inconvenience.

We conduct these examinations using state-of-the-art methods and devices such as SPECT-CT and PET-CT based on evidence-based medicine. We offer the full range of nuclear medicine examinations. In addition, patients in our thyroid consultation are comprehensively examined, advised and treated with regard to all aspects of a thyroid disorder.

We also treat benign and malignant diseases (e.g. patients with neuroendocrine tumors) with radioactive drugs. Therefore we have the largest ward for such treatments in Switzerland, a 10-bed ward.

University Clinic of Nuclear Medicine

About the Clinic of Nuclear Medicine

The Department of Nuclear Medicine is one of a total of 39 university hospitals or institutes of the University Hospital Berns.

The Inselspital Bern has about 1’040 hospital beds, respectively 1’500 hospital beds in the whole archipelago AG. The hospital provides around 40,000 inpatient and around 520,000 outpatient consultations each year.

The independent clinic belongs to the Department of Radiology, Neuroradiology and Nuclear Medicine (DRNN). The entire department is assigned to the specialist team DRNN, which acts as a staff unit in the areas of controlling, performance management and other management support tasks for the clinical units.

The Nuclear Medicine Team is composed of three persons from the Clinic Directorate (Director and Chief Physician, Assistant to the Director of the Clinic and MTRA Management), Deputy Director of the Clinic (OA), five Senior Physicians, five residents, and 14 Non-Medical Assistants (MTRA / Nursing), a senior physicist, a physicist, a postdoctoral imaging lab, as well as employees in various research laboratories. Furthermore a cyclotron unit in conjunction with a fully-GMP equipped radiopharmacy lab is located on campus for the production of various diagnostic and therapeutic agents.