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Craig Hartley, UK Business Development Manager for OPEX Business Machines GmbH, explains how their solutions help both the NHS and the Public Sector achieve digital transformation

For nearly a decade, the NHS has seen the road to digital transformation grow and become more complex and challenging, through multiple governments, regulatory changes and strategic shifts combined with internal complexities.

In 2020, we all recognise that the NHS has been faced with the biggest challenge in a generation. COVID-19 has placed the UK Healthcare system in previously unseen territory, whereby a global pandemic which affects millions around the world has placed enormous pressures on an already over-stretched service.

Across the length and breadth of the United Kingdom, we have seen amazing response to these trying times. Like always, the NHS has risen to the challenge brought on by this pandemic. Whilst it is not possible to perform many of the amazing lifesaving tasks done by our NHS staff away from a hospital or surgery environment, large parts of the administrative functions and non-patient facing tasks have been moved off-site.

Digitalisation during COVID-19

Technologies such as ‘Teams’ and ‘Zoom’ have now become the boardroom and coffee shop for the majority. Battling with cats on shoulders, kids in the background and the many distractions of home life, workers all over the world are clearing a space on the breakfast bar, keeping calm and carrying on. The nations great response to ‘staying safe’ whilst working from home has highlighted something the NHS has had a great understanding of for a long time – that the need to ‘Go Digital’ is greater now than ever before.

It becomes a valid question to ask – but in all this current chaos and uncertainty, where does something like the scanning and capture of medical records and patient documents play a crucial part?

OPEX Corporation is a recognised global technology leader in document imaging, high-speed mailroom automation and warehouse automation. OPEX provides state-of-the-art document imaging platforms and technologies. Our innovative ‘one-touch’ scanning approach significantly increases processing speeds whilst transforming workflow efficiency and reducing arduous document preparation. By creating a unique solution that is significantly different to all other hardware manufacturers in this space, we have identified and solved the key issues surrounding this monumental task faced by an already overstretched NHS.

OPEX is fast becoming the dominant force in digital transformation of hard copy patient files within the complex arena of scanning NHS medical records, seeing NHS and UK service providers selecting OPEX Falcon as the scanner of choice for capturing patient files and information in a structured format. We already work directly with dozens of NHS trusts across the UK to enable scanning and transformation of legacy and day-forward hard-copy medical records into digital content, for onward ingestion into EPR systems.

Reliance on paper methods

Across the UK and Ireland, OPEX’s scanning equipment is directly responsible for creating an estimated 2 Billion Medical Records images annually created, through both NHS Trusts and business process outsource partners.

Furthermore, NHS England’s current procurement exercise requires by 2022/23 all ‘Lloyd George’ notes are digitised to enable patients’ access to their records. Each Lloyd George envelope contains a broad range of detailed personal information, so maintaining the security and accuracy of these legacy records becomes vital. Many of these paper records contained within three dimensional ‘Lloyd George’ wallets are over 70 years old and in a state of fragile deterioration, whilst the information they hold is paramount for safe medical practice. The preservation, security and accuracy of these records is vital – an area that OPEX’s Falcon has proven experience, widely regarded by our customers as the perfect solution and digital transformation platform for combined ‘prep, scan and capture’ of these notoriously challenging Lloyd George notes.

Throughout this pandemic, OPEX have been working shoulder to shoulder (…but still two meters apart) with our NHS customers to ensure they are able to keep operating. OPEX Staff have been on-site, installing and relocating much needed equipment, assisting in the configuration of systems and advising on best working practices. Ultimately this ‘behind the scenes’ service supports and enables our NHS Medical Records teams to keep operating, digitising records for those NHS staff on the front line or working from home within a controlled and safe working environment where required.

Hopefully, this time next year the world and the NHS will look a lot more like it did six months ago. However, there are a large number of lessons that will be learned from this and we firmly believe in the importance of having access to documents digitally and in a timely manner will remain of strategic importance. As such, we can be confident that in the near future cost savings and workflow efficiencies will be more vital than ever to both Central and Local Government – and of course the NHS.

Once the current UK Lockdown has passed, for a personal demonstration of the OPEX Falcon®, OPEX would warmly welcome hosting you at to demonstrate the possibilities we offer. With all OPEX Technologies, ‘seeing is believing’ – so please contact Craig Hartley to arrange the next step.

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