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New lower benefits cap is set to take effect across UK

New lower benefits cap takes effect across UK

A new, lower benefits cap - a limit on the income working age households can receive in certain benefits - comes into force today across the UK The benefits cap has been reduced today from £26,000 a year to £20,000 a year, except in Greater London where the limit is...
Parliament must vote on Brexit rules High Court

High Court rules government cannot leave EU without vote

The High Court has ruled that the government cannot begin the formal process to leave the EU without first consulting Parliament Prime Minister Theresa May does not have the power to invoke Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty without MPs’ approval, the High Court has ruled. The legal challenge was...
Heathrow Airport

Ministers finally approve a third runway at Heathrow Airport

After significant debate Ministers have approved the decision to build a third runway at Heathrow Airport Heathrow Airport is set to be expanded following a long campaign. Heathrow was locked in battle with rival airport Gatwick over where expansion should occur. Now, Ministers have finally put the issue to bed...

Britain expects to be part of EU decision-making until Brexit

The Prime Minister has said she expects the UK will be part of any decisions made relating to the EU until Brexit occurs The Brexit vote should not change the UK’s role in the EU until full withdrawal occurs. Prime Minister Theresa May said the UK should be involved in...
grammar schools

May defends plans to expand grammar schools across England

Despite controversy, Prime Minister, Theresa May has defended plans to expand grammar schools or open new ones across England Theresa May has defended plans to expand grammar schools after a document was leaked by a photographer. There is a lot of controversy surrounding grammar schools, with many arguing they reinforce class...

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