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austerity report

‘Landmark’ austerity report links policies with 120,000 deaths

A newly published austerity report has linked Conservative economic policy with the deaths of 120,000 people, urging the government to increase spending
student experience

Can UK Higher Education maintain the ‘student experience’ in the age of Brexit?

Robert Stoneman from GlobalData looks at how the UK can offer a unique and sought-after student experience during Brexit uncertainty

UK workforce falls for the first time in 2 years

Despite unemployment continuing to fall at a steady rate the UK workforce has seen a decline in numbers for the first time in 2 years
cancel brexit

Article 50 author says it is possible to cancel Brexit

Article 50 author Lord Kerr has said that it would still be possible for the UK government to cancel Brexit, even if a date for departure is set
household finances

MPs launch inquiry into household finances as debt grows

The Treasury Select Committee, led by Nicky Morgan, has launched an inquiry into household finances as debt grows to £200 billion The inquiry will look into household finances, and debt in particular, which has reached levels not seen since the 2008 financial crisis. The committee will also examine how effectively families...
tax avoidance crackdown

UK government under pressure to enact tax avoidance crackdown

Theresa May is under pressure to begin a tax avoidance crackdown as the number implicated in the Paradise Papers leak grows
economic impact

Papers detailing the economic impact of Brexit to be released

After extensive campaigning from the Labour party, confidential documents examining the full economic impact of Brexit will be released
National Citizen Service

How local authorities can benefit from National Citizen Service

Government guidance launched to help local authorities benefit further from positive impacts of National Citizen Service, as detailed in this press release
living conditions

Asylum seekers in the UK endure ‘slum-like’ living conditions

Charities have said that asylum seekers in the UK are forced to put up with 'squalid' and 'unsafe' living conditions due to neglect
intensive farming

Gove warns of ‘eradication of soil fertility’ due to intensive farming

Environment Secretary Michael Gove has warned that intensive farming could lead the 'fundamental eradication' of soil fertility
rising employment

Real wages fall despite rising employment

Data shows that when inflation is taken into account wages are declining despite the rising employment broadcasted by the government
hotline charges

May scraps universal credit hotline charges under “Labour pressure”

Theresa May has backed down over universal credit hotline charges which can cost people up to 55p a minute under intense criticism
low-income tenants

Rents rising for low-income tenants

Low-income tenants have seen a rise in the proportion of their wages being spent on rent over the last 20 years, as revealed by new data
future of the natural environment

The future of the natural environment

The UK’s Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Michael Gove sets out his vision for the future of the natural environment In 1970, the incoming Conservative Government of Edward Heath created this country’s first Department of the Environment. The new Department published a White Paper on our...
ivory trade ban

Ivory trade ban set for the UK

The UK government is set to impose an ivory trade ban at all levels in order to reduce demand, protecting African elephants An ivory trade ban has been attempted before, but it would have excluded the sale and procurement of certain antiques. The new ban introduced by environment secretary Michael Gove will...
space programme

Dstl launches £50 million space programme marking the launch of Sputnik

The Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) has launched a 5-year space programme and is partnering with UK companies
public inquiry

Public inquiry needed into debt crisis, insist senior MPs

Senior MPs have urged the government to open up a public inquiry into the £200 billion worth of debt burdening households across the country Two Labour parliamentary committee chairs have urged the government to open a public inquiry into the levels of debt burdening people in the UK, examining the...
NHS staff

NHS staff unions call for pay rise of 3.9% to match inflation

Unions representing NHS staff have written to the government demanding a 3.9% pay rise after figures show wages have fallen compared with inflation After the government announced that the pay cap on public sector workers was to be lifted NHS staff have written to the Chancellor asking for a raise to...
new UK data protection act

New UK data protection act to provide exemptions for certain bodies

A new UK data protection act could provide exemptions for journalists, financial firms, and doping investigation bodies to 'protect freedom of the press'
NHS digital strategy

How HSCN can improve the NHS digital strategy

Michael Bowyer of Innopsis highlights the need for improved connectivity to boost the government's NHS digital strategy and improve integration

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