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Finance, foes and failure: The risks of neglecting data governance

Data governance is a buzzword that we hear thrown around a lot, especially since the implementation of GDPR back in 2018.
woman looking at her screen with the concept of personal data and digital identity

Digital identity laws for better trust in big tech

As big tech gains influence, we need a central anchor of trust for our identities, which can be found in new digital identity laws Identity is experiencing a phenomenal shift across the UK and Europe. In the UK, the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) recently created a new...
Government data concept with a man on technology

Privacy enhancing technologies are transforming government data usage

The need for data value is driving public sector interest in increasingly visible Privacy Enhancing Technologies.
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The new ‘AI rulebook’ for technology innovation in the UK government

To improve the regulation of Artificial Intelligence, the UK government have put forth an AI rulebook to protect data and promote responsible AI use.
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Cybersecurity strategies: fighting alert fatigue and building resilience

As security risks increase in complexity and data expands exponentially, cybersecurity strategies need to simplify – and streamline.
Electronic Document & Records Management System, data, digital, documents, record

Electronic document & records management system to manage records like money

Richard O’Brien, Director at GilbyIM, looks at an electronic document & records management system for efficient information management.

Physical destruction of SSDs: a burden to the UK economy

The UK economy is in recovery: can we be confident that the government is being prudent with the finances at their disposal? What about the physical destruction of SSDs?
nhs data, uk government, national healthcare

The UK government to improve national healthcare through NHS data

After using NHS data to fight COVID-19, the UK government now looks toward removing restrictions and returning to normal life through data reforms in national healthcare.
cyber incidents, local schools

How to prevent future cyber incidents in local schools

Despite local schools going online following the pandemic, the cybersecurity threat prevails - here's how to prevent future cyber incidents.

How do we activate AI in the public sector?

Sofia Ihsan, Trusted AI Lead at EY, explains her stance on activating AI in the public sector.
effective governance

Training & consultancy in effective governance, risk & compliance

Michael Wuestefeld-Gray at WuDo Solutions discusses how to deliver effective governance for the public, private and charity sectors.
fundamentals quantum computing

The fundamentals of quantum computing

Martin Lukac, Associate Professor from School of Engineering and Digital Sciences, Nazarbayev University, discusses the fundamentals of quantum computing
EU digital identities

A new world of data privacy with EU digital identities

Lars Rensing, CEO of enterprise blockchain solution provider Protokol, believes that the launch of EU digital identities will allow the EU to make freedom of movement ‘even freer’, and allay concerns around data security by giving EU citizens control over their own data.
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2 million terabytes of data will flow from UK to EU, by 2030

The European Data Flow Visualisation Tool says that 2,291,077 terabytes of non-personal data will flow to cloud facilities in Europe by 2030.
pupil special needs, education special needs

Helping pupils with special needs access phonics

A flexible approach is key to ensure the teaching of phonics can be personalised for children with special educational needs, says Katrina Cochrane, at Lexplore Analytics.
tail spend, public sector

Managing Tail Spend effectively in the public sector

Crown Commercial Service (CCS) describes here what we need to know about managing Tail Spend effectively in the public sector.
NHS structure, NHS

Why data security is pivotal to NHS structure

Stephen Allcock, Director, Public Sector UKI, explores why identity security is crucial to maintaining the integrity of data in the NHS.
national cybersecurity awareness month

Keep cyber secure this National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Leading tech experts offer their insight and advice around the evolving threat landscape, problems facing cybersecurity teams, and how companies can bolster cyber defences.
Cyber training

Cyber training ‘not fit for purpose’ – We need to change our online behaviour

Mark Brown, Founder of Psybersafe, explores how behavioural science can improve our response to cyber security issues.
cyber attacks in 2021

Education sector suffers series of cyber attacks in 2021

David Cummins, VP of EMEA, Tenable, examines how universities are being targeted by a series of cyber attacks in 2021 and what they can do to protect themselves.

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