UK seeks co-operation with Canada over trade opportunities in defence and security sectors

defence and security

Leading technology companies in the UK showcased their products and services for land-based naval and aerospace use at CANSEC 2018 – Canada’s largest defence and security industry event – in the hopes of securing industrial co-operation and joint ventures with Canadian companies

The event held in Ottawa, Canada, allows UK companies with investment in Canada, to showcase their capabilities in the defence and security domains.

The UK Government is keen to foster greater co-operation with Canada’s defence and security industries and will continue to encourage collaborative projects.

The UK’s defence industry also continues to be at the forefront of technological innovation and its international success demonstrates its ability to develop and supply highly capable equipment at competitive prices.

As the Royal Navy continues to update their programmes, UK companies in the sector have now shown they have proven records for delivery, quality, the ability to meet strict deadlines and the continuing need to respond to the challenge of producing world leading capabilities.

UK companies have an excellent record of transferring technology and offering innovative solutions, long term logic support and training.

The UK delegation at CANSEC is led by Guto Bebb, Minister for Defence Procurement.

Guto Bebb said:

“The UK and Canada share a proud, historic and prosperous relationship that runs through the fabric of both our nations. We remain firm allies, especially in defence, where we have much to offer each other in terms of research, development, collaboration and training.

I look forward to seeing British and Canadian companies continuing to build long-term partnership and develop innovative solutions to meet the needs of our respective Armed Forces.”

The UK wants to explore continued co-operation in the defence and security sectors working in partnership with the Canadian government and industry.

By working with Canada, the UK is keen to upkeep the relationship between both countries through regular dialogue, partnership and technology exchange.


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