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Here, we find out about the highest-scoring supplier – Jones AV Ltd, who discuss the New SBS Framework: Audio Visual Solutions and Integrated Operating Theatres

With the new ”integrated operating theatre” framework from NHS-SBS, some new players are entering the UK Market, to bring change, technical innovation and value for money to theatre integration projects in the NHS.

Jones AV has been delivering the highest calibre, internationally acclaimed and award-winning Operating Theatre AV integrations for the past ten years.

The company counts some of the most renown universities and hospitals all across Europe and an illustrious selection of the biggest names in the medical arena as their clients. Even though based in the UK, the company has held back entering the UK market directly until relatively recently. “It was a conscious decision to wait until the market was ready, in terms of technology, demand and the right route to market,” according to their MD Ingo Aicher.

With just over two years of activity in the UK, the company has built up an impressive roster of UK private clients and some flagship NHS projects. Such as the recently opened new Royal Papworth Hospital and the new Edinburgh Hospital for Sick Children, the new Royal Liverpool to name but a few.

For Jones AV, the key for delivering the highest quality systems is not only in the choice of products but also in the system infrastructure and architecture.

St. Olav Hospital Robotic Theatre 2009

“We have delivered complex HDSDI systems before they became industry standard and have been early adopters in uncompressed video over IP solutions. Not merely are all our current systems fully 4K capable but already 8K ready.”

The company has longstanding experience in Norway. A country with an early adopter mindset for all things technology, which proved to be an ideal platform to develop new systems and solutions, ahead of the curve. This manifested itself with the company winning the coveted InAVation award for the world’s best Healthcare AV solution for four years running.

Within every project, it is Jones AV’s aim to deliver the highest-quality build whilst providing 100% of customer-defined functionality. Each system is future-proofed with added capacity for expansion and the latest technology available for the best image quality possible. Coupled with customisable, intuitive and easy to use control interfaces, this guarantees the best possible personalised workflow in the operating theatre.

The combination of technically advanced and future-proof designs with our comprehensive preventative maintenance and service, results in the very unique fact that every single system delivered since 2008 is still in full 24/7 operation.

The company has multilingual personnel trained to the highest standards. Not merely in AV, fibre optics, system integrations, adherence to strict standards such as IEC 60601-3, but also in clean room conditions, infection control, health and safety, broadcast standards, computer networking, project management and so much more.

The NHS SBS framework offers a fantastic vehicle for NHS trusts, to access pre-approved suppliers for direct award for smaller projects and at the same time trusts can satisfy their internal statutory demands by running mini-competitions.

Amongst all the participating companies, Jones AV stood out particularly for its value for money, high-quality products and quality of service. For your added peace of mind, Jones AV is the only specialist company with quality assurance certification for ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015 for the Design, implementation and integration of Medical Audio Visual Systems.

Besides integrated theatres, the framework also covers Multi-Disciplinary team rooms and associated AV solutions. So no matter if you are looking to optimise your theatre workflow, have more efficient team meetings, superior student training or better remote connectivity for telehealth services, talk to the frameworks highest-scoring supplier for service, quality and price.

To register for the framework and find out more, go to and enter the Framework Reference: SBS/18/CR/WCN/9343

Or contact Jones AV directly on +44 (0)151 675 0675 or to find out more.


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