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Guy Opperman MP, the Minister for Pensions, has paid a visit to HiBob – the transformative people management and pensions platform – and taken part in a discussion on the digitisation of pensions and driving engagement with saving for the future

HiBob is an innovative HR platform that helps fast-growing companies attract and retain the very best people. HiBob also provides a ‘best in class’ technology platform to facilitate auto-enrolment for employees via pension providers.

Ronni Zehavi, HiBob’s CEO and co-founder, welcomed the Minister to the company’s growing London offices, which already supports more than 300 companies with its unique combination of core HR capabilities and innovative benefits and engagement tools.

Guy Opperman MP said: “Auto-enrolment has transformed our relationship with pensions and how we save for the future. But we must continue to drive engagement, as well as turn our attention to the self-employed, and the digitisation of pensions will play a significant role in this.

“It was fantastic to meet Ronni and the HiBob team today and see first hand how their technology encourages employees to engage with all aspects of their benefits, and particularly pensions. I’m excited to see what HiBob can do in the coming months in partnership with pensions providers, with both pensions in the workplace and for the self-employed.”

HiBob was founded in 2015 with a mission to transform HR and change the way HR departments communicate with employees. The industry leader in HR transformation is moving the industry away from traditional task-based systems to ones that put the employee at the centre.

Ronni Zehavi said: “I was delighted to meet the Minister today and show him both our fast-growing London team and the HiBob technology that is doing so much to transform every aspect of the HR experience, putting people – and what they want and need from their employment – at the centre.

“The Minister is absolutely right to recognise that in today’s workplace top-class digital solutions are absolutely essential. That’s why we’re so proud of the HiBob platform – it’s personalised, incredibly easy to use for employees, gives companies terrific data and insight on what their people want, and provides a first-class technological front end for setting up and managing pensions.”


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